A Moment in Time

This is the moment that I have sought my whole life. A moment to savour and a moment to reflect.

As my life has progressed, I am eternally grateful for excellent health and a positive outlook on life. I find humour in the strangest places and sometimes it finds me when I am not ready. Very annoying when it turns up at a serious event such as a meeting, but let’s face it meetings are crazy.

Being somewhat a closet comedian, makes life highly amusing but frequently disruptive. I know that it’s not appropriate to laugh when your friend, the one that hasn’t ever learned to ride a bicycle, falls off while trying to learn. It’s equally not amusing seeing a chair collapse under some of my more weighted friends. But some un-controllable urge within says ‘That was quite funny’ and there is no follow up voice saying ‘ Best laugh later’.

I guess that humour has always been a way of relieving the tension of a moment and for the better part, it works. Seldom have I gone to bed angry, probably because I have a wonderful partner, and situations often resolve themselves sooner when a little bit of laughter is added.

Oddly I was not going to blog about humour or the lack of it. What I wanted to write about was the sheer science of ‘a moment in time’.

I celebrated a birthday recently, yes you have too, but this was fairly important being one of those decade induced birthdays. How many decades is irrelevant suffice to say it was still in the realms of two digits. So I made a silent speech, this is one of those speeches you make either pre or post an event, that never hears the sound of day. One of those speeches you wish you could or should have made.

The would be sonic oration that wasn’t, was to include a reminder of the wondrous fact that at one time a lot of my friends had gathered to be with me in celebration with me. All at one place at the one time. Friends were there and some carried decades of knowledge whilst others but a few small years. All there with me, not listening to my not audible speech.

This small seemingly insignificant point is duplicated daily throughout the the world and on multiple occasions throughout each day. It’s only when you consider the scientific probabilities of this occurrence that things become exciting.

Imagine if you will the journey of just one of the guests, a near 70 year old person who shall remain un-identified should that person realise that I know his age. This un-identified older person (herein under UOP) not only had travelled physically some distance that day for the party, but brought with him 70 years experience and knowledge (humour was in short supply but the tablets may not have kicked in by then), he could be deemed an elder.

Sitting next to the UOP, was a 4year old. Now this 4year old was an entirely different character to the UOP. Not a care in the world and would not stop laughing. This little person was the perfect guest, laughed at all of my jokes, ate all of the food and generally had a great time. Nothing got in the way of the ‘Good time girl'(herein under GTG), having just that. GTG could be considered the life of the party.

Somewhere in the middle of UOP and GTG, was MBF(my best friend). Now to describe this person as my best friend may well do an in-justice to all of my other best friends present at the occasion. However the description MBF has been a well earned over however many decades have passed before my birthday. This friend is reliable and humorous and has qualities that satisfy my understanding of what a MBF should be.

Each of these people have arrived on my doorstep on the same day, at roughly the same hour and have myself in common and free food and drinks I suspect. But what are the chances.

One would expect of family to travel different metaphoric roads and arrive occasionally at the same point. But there amongst the throng of people, were friends with whom I had become friendly in only recent years. Talk about a clash of cultures.

Fortunately the birthday party went really well and I am thankful of sharing a special occasion with the people I love. That wonderful knowing of everyone arriving in my life, on that day, with all of their own travels in their sacks, is simply mind boggling.

It is sometimes humbling to consider the moment. So very easy to forget that time, whilst eternal, is made up of moments and seconds. Each moment is special and carries with it a history and a story. We are truly fortunate to have moments in our lives.

Bristlehound 2014

3 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. Wonderful prose! I can just imagine the clash of personalities one encounters at a celebration of this kind. taking the effort of honouring and appreciating the moments to allow them to become memories is something of essential importance.
    a very happy Birthday to you B, and many more to come.
    “It takes many years to grow young” – Pablo Picasso
    best, LC

    1. Thank you Linda Catherine. It would be nice to have an imaginary birthday party every week with all of my friends. I seem to recall Picasso saying something like ” it is essential that one should keep working in anticipation that the break is imminent “. I look forward to many years of anticipation. B

      1. Well, there is one thing you can celebrate every single day of the year *but* on your birthday. And you absolutely should do so. Celebrate your unbirthday with your friends whenever you feel like it. Pop out some tea, biscuits and there is your party right there. This one won’t ever get old, I’m sure of it : )

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