Time to deClutter

As I sit amongst my Japanese Maples, I wonder what this next winter may bring. It’s Autumn in my part of the world and that can mean only one thing – time to get a project. Living in a cold climate, as I do, means that the Autumn and Winter can be pretty grey and […]


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My Beloved Kitchen

My kitchen has become my friend over the last 15 years. Every night, I go through the ritual of preparing a meal and taking my time about it. Cooking is a special treat for me and is something that never tires me. 15 years ago we renovated the kitchen in our home. The kitchen was […]

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He was there!

I know he was there My heart opened Everything was a blend No sky, no earth or cloud Just a knowing A closeness compelling I have no questions There is now hope Bristlehound 2014

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Hopelessly Lost

One of my Simple Pleasures in life is ‘Getting Hopelessly lost’ on a road trip. I feel I may now need to advertise for a road trip companion, as it has become increasingly less ‘cool’ and perhaps a little weird. Just getting out on the road, singing songs like ‘On the road again’ and ‘Ring […]

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