The Vert in the Middle is Me!

IntoVERTS and extraVERTS seem polls apart and they probably are. And I think the middle range is where my character lies.

I wonder how many out there in blog world have taken the trouble to test their character against the multitude of, I may say, reputable character assessment tests?.

It’s not something one can fail, which is something of a bonus, although should one not fall into the most sought after positions such as Director, extravert or socialiser, then it could be challenging. After all we are led to believe that the extraVERT gets more of everything. More sex, more money, more parking bays, more holidays with the family, better jobs, better pay, better weather, a better place in society, in fact just about everything on the wish list of what makes a human being a real success.

It becomes tricky for the character assessment to indicate that one is an intraVERT. we are led to believe that the intraVERT gets less of everything except headaches and ill health.

Happily, being a VERT as determined by a number of these tests, I avoid all of the bad things apparently. My middle of the scale existence is one that keeps me in a comfortable state of flux. I am therefore not courageous but not frightened, and not whimpish but no hero/heroine.

I find this method of understanding people, as helpful but somewhat degrading. It pre-supposes that a person is of greater or lesser value because of their character. Yes, it would be preferable to have a more outgoing character at reception and it would be helpful to have a studious person tending the figures of an operation, but this is a grey-line.

Throughout society, we glorify the outgoing and winning human being. The one with the most toys at his or her funeral. Celebrity and the worlds advertising is geared to plant aspirations in us all, giving us hope of a better existence were we to buy this particular car or wear that particular perfume.
By its nature, having aspirations is a good thing, after all who wouldn’t want to better themselves given an opportunity?. But aspirations at what expense?.

My feeling is that all people are contributors. Everyone has a roll to play and society in fact works this way. It’s the recognition of the contribution that is somewhat malleable. Today, the hottest rooster and tomorrow the plainest feather duster. As society needs different things, those who provide will come to the fore. It is incumbent upon us to utilize the most useful and available resource to better society in as many ways as possible.

‘The meek hall inherit the earth’ is a well known proverb. This also suggests to be humble and reserved, puts someone at the immediate disadvantage of coming from behind. Things are just geared in favour of the rooster.
‘Everyone loves a winner but no one hangs around a losers locker room’. Another great saying, but usually the game requires a second party to make it a game.

I attended a programme some years ago hosted by Robert Kiyosaki from ‘Rich Dad,Poor Dad’ fame. During the programme I sat quietly and calmly watching all of the rooster do their thing. All of the pre-feather dusters were taking to the stage and impressing Robert, so they thought, with their clever and, it has to be said impressive, uses of everything form clothing to smiling at the right time. Come to a point at the programme where we were advised of the imminent up-coming requirement for one of the 100 participants, to make an impromptu speech about a subject thrown at them, and that was my chance.

I waited for the right time and approached Robert quietly and positively, informing him that, whilst it was his determination as to who should get up on stage and I respected that, I wanted that opportunity.

Robert looked at me and, with great care and consideration asked me to re-affirm my desire. I did that and I made that speech in front of 100 others and what’s more they booed and tossed all kinds of things at me, as instructed, and when finished clapped and cheered me.

I met Robert Kiyosaki once more at a later event, called Breaking the Cycle, an event hosted by him. There was a pre-speech informal gathering to start the evening and Robert walked in later. Upon his arrival, Robert not only recognised who I was but exclaimed; ah! B my hero.

I tell this story in no way to feather my rooster-ship nor to belittle the programme and the genuine helpful guidance of Robert Kiyosaki. I simply believe that we need as a society to take care that we place people in the positions best suited, that those positions are recognised as just as vital as any other more glamorous position and that we realise that exploitation of any thing or anyone should do no harm.

To be successful in life, by any measure, must mean that it is not at the expense of another. Our leaders have a responsibility to not only protect and help the vulnerable but lift the understanding of the entire community to the realisation that no one job or person is any better than another. All professions that are legal and have the backing of the community are just as important as the next.

Bristlehound 2014

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