It was there that my inner peace ignited
Where I breathed the sweetness in
My memory fills with space and light
I have found a place that has collected me

Bristlehound 2013

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Outback Region



Blanketed in the feel
There is peace in my body
The sun shines warm
And breezes gently move my heart

Is it to be here
Here where heaven becomes earth
Amongst trees and soil
Where mountains and azure start

Sounds are warming
Ringing sweet
Perfume brings to mind
A time hastened no more

I am complete
Hushed as the passing clouds
Little draws me away
Calm and content to my core

2013 Bristlehound

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After the bush fires


As our country enters another season of heat and
dry bush land, we hold our collective breath in the
hope that this season will be kind.
There is and ironic beauty that is generated from
fires. A beauty that is urgent with it’s need to show
that there can be hope and pleasure from this most
devastating process.
Nature has a way of reminding us of our place, and
that we are but a player in the game it controls.

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