Marooned Maroon Balloon

Ah! What a blast! Streaking across the sky at a frantic pace, this balloon captured my eye while I was luxuriating with a red wine and some outrageously smelly cheese. Melbourne is a city of many surprises. Around every corner there is something that makes you wonder how come you could be so old and […]


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I am a Caveman

As an avid fan of Derren Brown – master of mind control- I have begun to think that my life is more or less, predictable. Derren Brown is an illusionist, mind controller, artist, former church-goer and so many other things. But most of all, he is annoying. Annoying because I cannot pick up what he […]

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The Silent Invader

Every day their numbers increase, quietly invading our homes, offices and public spaces. We seldom stop to determine their origin or how they got here, but we live with them amongst us as if they are part of our environment. It is probable that their numbers already exceed that of the human population of our […]

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