So long Frank Lloyd Wright

A great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright has been an inspiration to not only myself but countless others in their pursuit of building aesthetics. Truly a remarkable professional, Frank Lloyd Wright progressed both interior and exteriors through his brave use of materials, colour and texture. His architectural lineage lives on through much of today’s creations. Back […]


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The Vert in the Middle is Me!

IntoVERTS and extraVERTS seem polls apart and they probably are. And I think the middle range is where my character lies. I wonder how many out there in blog world have taken the trouble to test their character against the multitude of, I may say, reputable character assessment tests?. It’s not something one can fail, […]

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A Moment in Time

This is the moment that I have sought my whole life. A moment to savour and a moment to reflect. As my life has progressed, I am eternally grateful for excellent health and a positive outlook on life. I find humour in the strangest places and sometimes it finds me when I am not ready. […]

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C’mon People

The Youngbloods had a hit song in the 70’s called ‘Get Together’. “C’mon people now – smile on your brother, everybody get together try and love one another – right now!” This became a super hit, is just as relevant today and I guarantee you will be humming it over and over once you download […]

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It’s Oh So Quiet

In my peace-filled wanderings, I have found some beautiful places that fill my soul with happiness and contentment. Recently I was meandering through a giant redwood forest, unlikely in Australia, but there you are. The size of these trees is heart pumping. Someone in the 1930’s, decided that a plantation of these giants was a […]

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Just a flesh wound

I could not let this picture pass without laughing and recalling the Monty Python sketch showing the crazed knight wanting to fight on under gradually worsening circumstances. “Come back and fight, I’ll rip your arms off”, was the call from a less than capable Mad Knight. What belief, what heroics and what a classic case […]

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The Garden of Life

I recently used this poem as a reading at the wedding of a friend. I wrote the poem as a story of what I believe marriage to be. There is always something beautiful to find in the Garden of Life as there is in marriage. The love of two people is like a compartment on […]

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After spending a weekend with our friends at the beach, I am feeling a re-newed zest for reading of the totally obscure. Unfortunately once again I am drawn back to Big Bang theories and the like. Only this time there was a sign. Look closely at this picture and you may see Perhaps the smallest […]

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New bRite is here

The long awaited new simplified sleek style device that is a must for the would be writer and fledgling artist, has finally arrived. bRite is so advanced in its simplicity that it will suit all and any writing/artistic requirements and can be matched to many existing devices. Paper of any grade and colour, can be […]

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The Visit

“The Visit” is a poem I wrote in response to an amazing experience that confronted me. Whilst viewing an open garden in the town of my birth, I was drawn to the middle of the this splendid display. There, stood a fruit tree that was quite old and gnarly, but beautifully so. Having a logical […]

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