Now You See It

My beautiful garden, with shade and warmth but what else?

As a child, my attention always wandered onto the little things around me. The birds overhead, ants trailing along a sun bleached concrete path and enumerable plants and trees in the bush that was my home. I guess I was destined to be a dreamer.

Such a destiny could have found me to be lost in this world of facts, conferences and the omnipresent Google knowledge.Contrary to this possibility, I have remained not just relevant with my thinking but more than measuring up when it comes to sorting the “BS” from actuality. In being the childhood dreamer with my attention to the little things, I inadvertently set in motion a skill-set which today is not only more rare,but somewhat a desired quality.

Becoming a “Codger” as I have, appears to have worked wonders. Books are written on observation and thinking, something akin to writing a book on riding a bicycle. Riding a bicycle was part of the normal day when I was young and now we need others to write books on it or post it on the Internet. Thinking and observation are relics of an essential past. Times when we needed to see real danger or harm. Times where resource material was not instantly in front of us.

In all of this, there is a real situation which should be addressed. As the world continues to develop and leaves the ” Codgers” such as me behind, so too do we shed some perceived extraneous skills and methods as relics of a bygone era. All very well and expected. It’s a little like utilizing a supermarket today instead of growing our own food. Internet banking and on-line communications instead of snail-mail and personal visits. This is all progress and must be embraced as such.

Apart from the positive contributions new and glistening advancements make, there is a side to this which, if understood, could make our world stronger and more capable than it already is. 

All too often in this advanced world, we are given to numbly accept “Facts” as facts. It was on the Internet, a friend told me, I heard… This is the extent to which gossip has re-emerged in the 21st century when, as a social enabler back in the early centuries, it was used to warn of impending harm or information gathering. Facts are established beyond doubt. They set the structure of a society, science and debate. Facts are not hearsay or guess-work nor tools to scare people, they are beyond reproach. So why are we so willing to accept basic gossip as fact and what harm does it cause?

In itself, gossip is just talk. We have the ability to accept or deny any part it of it. Even with regard to facts our choice is still to deny them, however under scrutiny we would be embarrassed by doing so. We are willing to accept gossip as fact largely through the connection it gives us as a social creature. Imagine “Brexit” having been considered by the public with “Only” facts put out there for them to consider. Hard to pick which way it would go because I for one don’t know the facts.

Thinking and observation may well be assigned to relics section of our brains today. I wonder how many of us really look at things? As I write this, there is a situation developing in the U.S.where people are losing their lives over an incident which may have developed through observation as a perception or lack of observation in its entirety. As is being reported, people have been shot both in retaliation and initially through observation.

What do we really see? Do we see what our parents used to see and for now, remain unwilling or simply naive to realising something else comprises a situation. Has society or the particular community I am involved with, led me to see what I believe? Am I actually observing to the point of establishing a fact or do I simply reiterate my own paradigms?

Really observing takes effort and a special ingredient – TIME. We are possibly so bereft of time today we cannot deeply enough express our gratitude for the time-saving devices which form our new dynamic world. So where do we find the time to think and observe? Well, that’s for all of us to consider, but someone once said (and this is hand on heart true) (no BS) ( they were there) (a little birds told me) -“Facts” are dangerous.

bristlehound 2016


One thought on “Now You See It

  1. Despite the fact that more facts than ever are available to us, there is a collective storm of doubt in the world. Challenging times, hopefully leading to a new awareness of the Donne’s words – no man is an island entire of itself …

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