They must come with us all goodwill says Elst harm be their lifelong friend We provide for them in our motherly ways Goodness beginning to end My time is compelled by growth and by wealth I live as if now will be lost My future is clouded – taken by stealth Money is not the […]


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Sometimes saying little means so much. Interior – a poem on my reflections of our beautiful world. It was there my inner peace ignited Where I breathed the sweetness in My memory fills with space and light I have found a place that has collected me Bristlehound 2014

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Addicted to Love

Is it possible that the overwhelming emotion felt whilst grieving could be addictive? This is a question that simultaneously intrigues and disgusts me.Intriguing because it is just not put out there as a discussion piece and disgusting in that I would dare interfere with a process so personal. We are aware of the power of […]

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For 20 years Mrs. Thomas has presided over activities in our home. Mrs. Thomas was originally painted in the late 1800’s and found her way to our home from England. She sits in contemplation, quietly assessing the comings and goings of our happy and busy family. Having been with us so long it would be […]

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The Tracks of My Tears

Robyn Davidson, also known as ‘The Camel Lady’, must be an inspiration to many people. Last night I had the pleasure of viewing the new movie ‘Tracks’ based on the true story of Robyn Davidson and her epic journey through the outback of Australia. The story portrays Robyn’s personal desire for solitude and her interaction […]

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Significant Others

It may be argued which of all the professions is the oldest, given our penchant to consider the obvious. Yes, Architecture is right up there with all the favourites and so too is Midwifery. These are the particular professions that interest me currently. It may be worth considering the world without a profession to get […]

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Vantage Point

You can change your view of the world by simply crossing the street. Our perspective on life and it’s wonders, is guided by our knowledge bank. Some find pleasure in things where others are simply blind to that particular understanding. The study of birds gives an insight to naming and describing them as they fly […]

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