C’mon People

The Youngbloods had a hit song in the 70’s called ‘Get Together’.

“C’mon people now – smile on your brother, everybody get together try and love one another – right now!”

This became a super hit, is just as relevant today and I guarantee you will be humming it over and over once you download it.

The ease with which information is transmitted today and trends created, is astounding. What was seemingly impossible once is now the benign norm.

With this ease of communication comes responsibility.

The social network has made it possible for many to impact upon topics previously out of reach. Today a comment made on social media can effect such things as diet through to governance and if it is gift wrapped well, a virtual world will follow the trend.

Up-rises throughout the world, probably have their collective genesis from decades or even centuries previous. However social media must play its part in the transmission of information and consequently the rallying of views.
Here in Australia, whilst up-rises are not known in the same sense, our political groups expend inordinate amounts of time and money, placating and fending off, advocates and critics alike, that have developed strength through media.

Australia, as with all developed nations, celebrates freedom of speech, but one wonders how things get done when decisions of national importance are tempered with an ear to social media. Everybody has an opinion and, rightly, everyone should feel free to express that opinion. With this in mind, the principle of the listening to opinion should be considered.

I have no problem with social media, for me it is a wonderful tool and great fun, but it must be realised as a powerful tool. The potential for immense harm is real. Harm to individuals and harm to countries alike. As a metaphor, I think of a sand castle standing strong on the beach. The tide is out and it is safe and dry. As the tide comes in and laps the base of the sandcastle, it begins to weaken and eventually crumble under the persistent flow of water. Ultimately, the sandcastle lies in ruins and a new one has to be built from ground up. The only thing achieved was the destruction of the sandcastle.

The song ‘Get Together’, like many other pieces of music, could be considered an anthem to Faith.

At some point, Faith comes into everything. Even the most hardened amongst us believe in a fact of some kind. A fact is a fact yes, but we all have a point at which we believe.
Earl Nightingale once said in ‘The strangest secret’, – ” Things are both good and bad – depending on how we choose to look at them”.
Here is what I consider a fact: A smile is free
Believe it at your will, but it just may go viral.

Get Together from the Youngbloods is just a personal love. There has to be millions of other great things. Having faith in something is not letting someone else win or cheat, it is deciding to see the value of something and if conditions are possible, telling the world of that belief.

So c’mon people, smile on each other.

Bristlehound 2014

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