Lost in Translation

It seems we have lost our sense of humour! Everything is so important as if the world will break unless we all become so terribly serious and sort through the problems   perceived. Where have all the flowers gone? Humour is part of human armoury. A dilution ingredient for the myriad of daily situations confronting […]


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Now You See It

My beautiful garden, with shade and warmth but what else? As a child, my attention always wandered onto the little things around me. The birds overhead, ants trailing along a sun bleached concrete path and enumerable plants and trees in the bush that was my home. I guess I was destined to be a dreamer. […]

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Pathways of Life

The windows are high The doors flung wide Should I go? It’s safe down here Inside my room Should I go? Did death create Such a mix in my head What if? So very clear The path ahead How can I? … Source: Pathways of Life

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