Sunrise on a New Day

As dawn breaks everything has once again changed and all things remain the same.

This is the contradiction presented to us by the variations encountered through sleep.

Today gives us different weather, altered sun positioning, an older self, plants which have died and others that have thrived. As the sun shone in some parts of the world, people were warmed while others suffered from drought. Personal encounters lifted spirits for some and consolidated love for many.Some died, some were born.

The prism by which yesterday was viewed shuts down while we sleep, affording us great opportunities as we wake. A chance to see the new day for all of its beauty and greatness. Upon waking, the mind seems to have clarity and the ability to assimilate all previously monumental problems, into a compartmentalised order of importance. To be dealt with in an orderly way where time permits. Such is the power of sleep.

I find it interesting in myself, to be one day  wholly consumed with the solving of a problem, only to realise that through a night of sleep, the problem will have been re-prioritised or indeed solved of its own accord. I guess the bombardment of factual information, client conversation, news and general thinking; may provide for spaghetti mind by dinner time. I wonder at the ability of the mind to deal with so much at the one time, but the price to pay lies in seeing a problem where it doesn’t actually exist.

I guess that our day is akin to stretching a piece of elastic cord. Going back to school days, we were subjected to such things as “Kinetic and Potential energy”. Suggesting (or proving) that a piece of elastic cord has potential energy whilst not doing much at all and is displaying kinetic energy as it stretches. Well, as I didn’t become a scientist (for possibly obvious reasons) I can still see that as my day progresses and my elastic stretches, it appears that sleep brings it back to a “Potential Energy” state. A natural state.

In my “Natural State”, I am encumbered by my genetic history. The bias by which I am fortunate enough to have inherited, sees me always returning that base. A kind of home or safe place where I know things will work out. Sleep seems to wash away much of the travelling through the day and re-sets me in readiness for the next.

I have come across the term “Cognitive Closure” recently and it goes some-way towards explaining the strengths and weaknesses through which my own journey is personally viewed. Further reading and studying of family histories, has given great understanding of how others of my family back generations dealt with the world at their time.They were given to understand things through the bias of their history and to perhaps have been, at one time or another, of the belief that the world was flat. It sounds absurd by today’s standard, but for them it was very real and provided their own “Natural State”. After a long day of toil and exposure, where my ancestors would encounter many new things and their elastic cord had been stretched, they would sleep and return to their safe place.A place that made sense and provided them with the courage of mind to venture just that little bit further from the collective site.

Every sun rise, every new day, there will be new encounters and changed circumstances. In the scheme of any one day experiences will come thick and fast challenging our minds and beliefs. There will be conflict, there will be love you can bet on that. Overall we will be bombarded with information through media, personal choices or simply mind dreams; a kind of theme park of things that rattle,bang and delight. The theme park of my ancestors may have included at a time the unlikely journey of sailing a boat beyond the horizon without falling into the abyss.We are still here today and we are thriving as a species. Our justifiably cautious selves, put us in a powerful position to continue thriving.

When we can understand ourselves and comprehend why we act and react in particular ways, there is a kind of inner freedom to experience. Under the bounds of my own Cognitive Closure, I may appear obstinate to some but strong to others. My tendancy to be romantic could make me a target to be duped but it means I have a trusting nature and make friends easily. My view of the world may be celebrated by my own family but confusing and dangerous to outsiders. My bias view is just that – mine.

I am thankful for sleep and appreciate how special it is that the world can shut down for so long during the night when through the day there was a catastroph. How nonsensical is it to have drama and world-ending things happen throughout the day, only for most of us to go to bed and sleep that night? Just how important is important?



6 thoughts on “Sunrise on a New Day

  1. So many variables to a good night’s sleep, or ability to nap, etc. Today I noticed from a viewpoint that most of our trees have now lost their leaves, beginning their long winter sleep. And down under, you are awakening to Spring!

    1. The trees and their seasons, represent well the surge and ebb of our evolving world.
      While your trees go to sleep mine show off their new found beauties and skills.
      The tree remains rooted, never wandering from it’s base.

      Warming up here Joe.B

  2. An interesting thought to start the day.
    When the pressure of time necessitates me to make up my mind, or act, with insufficient information, it’s not really about closing a door, but more about going onward through a swing door and having the door swing on behind me. I trust my sleep, trust that swinging door.
    I like order and predictability, but suffer when I meet closed-mindedness. So ambiguity is battling with the need for order in me. As far as ideas are concerned, I know I can pop back through that swing door and connect up ideas that, in a new landscape, suddenly fit and make a greater image.
    Maybe it’s the conflicting need for closure and openness that fosters creativity and innovation, an acceptance that structures are fragile, moving, that any knowing is ever incomplete.

    1. I like your analogy of the swinging door Ashen. I immediately imagined Ashen breaking through ER swing doors,gloved hands directing probing elbows to re-set the doors and heading forward down the corridor of ideas to the next set of doors in the distance.
      I share your trust in sleep. Amongst many things, it actually feels good.
      Your comment on creativity is insightful, and typical of what I hold so fondly about what you are willing to write. Perhaps inner conflict does generate creativity and requires us to materialise ideas not for the praise ( slim pickings there) but simply for the statement. A bit like feeling better after throwing up.
      For now, I am thankful that sleep comes easy and is generous.
      Great to hear from you Ashen.B

  3. I love this. “I guess the bombardment of factual information, client conversation, news and general thinking; may provide for spaghetti mind by dinner time.” Spaghetti mind indeed. Sleep doesn’t come easily to me, my spaghetti mind twirls and twists all the time. Maybe if I think of sleep as a resetting of sorts it could come more easily.

    1. Sleep can be tricky to find for the active of mind. If only I could find the answer I guess retirement would be imminent.
      There exists some wild and wonderful remedies but each to their own.
      Being creative, as you are Lisa, possibly means a lot of ideas hitting you at times you would rather be doing something else.B

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