The New Frontier

As I write this, yet another Prime Minister is being dragged through the dis-honour of having to survive a vote of confidence. Over recent years, Australia has become quite a different place to what it was even as little as 10 years ago. Whilst this country is stable and wealthy, more wealthy than it has […]

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Project Update – Melbourne

Some time ago, I published a sneak-peak at an apartment project that we were developing. This is a further update of how things are working out.  The apartment is small and every inch needed to be thought about carefully, so as to make use of the space that was available. Because the view is pretty […]

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Beautiful Melbourne

Melbourne is alive and up-holding it’s well earned reputation as the Sporting Capital. The Australian Open Tennis tournament is entering the final stages to be quickly followed by World Cup Cricket, Formula 1 and then the ever popular Australian Rules Football. As luck has it, I have been able to attend a lot of the […]

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Ten Green Bottles

How unlikely is it that we, being part of this elite group of humans that roam the earth, just happen to be the zenith of time produce? Could it be that whilst we are innovative, clever and emotionally thinking beings, that at this particular point in time, we are the ones representing the billions of […]

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