The Long and Winding Path

Having elders in my family is something of a gift. I shall be eternally grateful for the advice, love and willingness my elders have shown me over many years. So to be now confronted with difficult decisions regarding their personal well-being, is confronting. I have an elderly mother and mother-in-law. Both are in splendid health […]

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A Time for Reflection

I have been playing some of my favourite music – Arvo Part (Spiegel im Spiegel) and, caught in the moment, cried a little. The world is in somewhat of a crisis of it’s own making.  What was once a world defined, now seems to be a spinning ball in a universe of doubt, hate and […]

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My time is now

I stand alone in this complex world My dreams shine from within Nothing  draws me from success Although the cold winds blow They seek other souls With the coming of winter It is indifference which propels me For I am strong with plans Hard at the life journey Those about me are weak Their helpless […]

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The Autumn of Life

As a young person growing up in a small town, it was imperative for me (as with many of my peers) to create the kind of future right for myself. There was little to offer in the way of career and at best, one could only aspire to lead a good life involving traditional ‘Town […]

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Stand Up

Sometimes, it’s important to make waves. I am quite a reasonable and understanding person, even by my own very demanding standards. There is a point in all of our lives when getting along with people and being reasonable, rates below standing up and being counted on an issue. That time has arrived for me and […]

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To Boo! Or not to Boo!

We have here in Aus. a so called ‘National sport’ otherwise referred to as ‘Footy’ It is usually played in the spirit of fairness and blunt force. A game for people wanting to express their skills in a physical kind of way combined with skill quite un-like any other kind of football. There is required […]

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