The Wisdom of Acceptance

To hold ourselves high in a sea of cloud, defines our inner strength and purpose of mission. Doing so as snow gathers about our feet, piling high as we trudge; is heroic. Throughout this resistance with good humour to keep us company, a rarity. It is in times of difficulty, we begin to understand our […]

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The Big Dance

When the bucket list is completed and the visits have taken place, it’s time to lay oneself down and move gracefully from this earthly existence to the spirit world. But what if you just don’t want to go? Such a situation has become real for myself over the last 4 weeks. Not, I might add, […]

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The Long and Winding Path

Having elders in my family is something of a gift. I shall be eternally grateful for the advice, love and willingness my elders have shown me over many years. So to be now confronted with difficult decisions regarding their personal well-being, is confronting. I have an elderly mother and mother-in-law. Both are in splendid health […]

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A Time for Reflection

I have been playing some of my favourite music – Arvo Part (Spiegel im Spiegel) and, caught in the moment, cried a little. The world is in somewhat of a crisis of it’s own making. What was once a world defined, now seems to be a spinning ball in a universe of doubt, hate and […]

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My time is now

I stand alone in this complex world My dreams shine from within Nothing  draws me from success Although the cold winds blow They seek other souls With the coming of winter It is indifference which propels me For I am strong with plans Hard at the life journey Those about me are weak Their helpless […]

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