The Wisdom of Acceptance

To hold ourselves high in a sea of cloud, defines our inner strength and purpose of mission.

Doing so as snow gathers about our feet, piling high as we trudge; is heroic.

Throughout this resistance with good humour to keep us company, a rarity.

It is in times of difficulty, we begin to understand our own place. How we fit in and why we respond.

Our challenge is not only to accept life for what it is, with all its cloud and snow, its sunshine and colour; but celebrate it.

Our unique existence is a gift. No other person could live the life we each live in our own perfect way.

Perfection is an aspiration which shall remain elusive for eternity. As an aspiration it makes no sense given everything is perfect right now. We are what we are because of our personal journey and our extraordinary thoughts. No other person, animal nor plant has the ability to be better at this particular time of living because the journey has been such.

We may never judge, nor can our righteousness be substantiated as we view the journey of another. Simply because we have not walked in shoes of any other.

And so, in times where one may fold as another presses on, it is for us all to celebrate the path of each. To celebrate the life and times of all indicates wisdom and a willingness of acceptance.

bristlehound 2016

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