A Time for Reflection

I have been playing some of my favourite music – Arvo Part (Spiegel im Spiegel) and, caught in the moment, cried a little.

The world is in somewhat of a crisis of it’s own making.

What was once a world defined, now seems to be a spinning ball in a universe of doubt, hate and non- direction.

This is a magical time to be alive and part of a civilisation which has opportunity as we have never encountered before. Our lifestyle today is ( generalisation) well beyond anything possible 100 or even 50 years ago. And yet we persist with tearing ourselves apart in an endeavour to place ourselves back in times gone. Are we not worthy of such good times?

What is stopping us from making decisions which will improve our safety, our health our well- being?

Is it so difficult to accept the myriad of opportunities which present themselves such as a climate free from pollution?.

Are we able to see our fellow man as an equal?

Must we shoot each other in an antiquated system of making our debating points?

Doesn’t religion validate our reason for living and sharing with others?

For how long will we continue to deny euthanasia to those in pain?

Questions such as these are controversial and hard for all to agree on. So we some how decide to run campaigns of hate and denial as a way of giving us the recognition not offered to us by agreeing. The cogs click into gear and we are up for the fight. The harm done through both sides of the debate makes for a tricky and somewhat hostile arena. The cycle completes itself and nothing gets done whilst hate and bitterness increase dramatically.

Listening to this music is relaxing for sure, but there is more to it than that.

The time in which ‘Part’ takes to tell the story through his music, is slow and luxurious. The music is reminiscent of the sound of church bells pealing across a hillside and slowly making it’s way down the valley. A truly magical piece which is assuring and powerful.

For us all to stop for a while and just think! Think what it is we want from our world. What it is which would spark a light inside all of us. For us all to stop for just a while – we may just see for ourselves the mess we are being gobbled up into.

A mature world, one which is confident, one with direction and belief, a world which truly believes it is worthy of the best – would never allow what it appears to allow today. Our ancestors would be horrified by our greed and selfishness. By our un-willingness to stand up for good and stay standing after 15 minutes has expired.

Our imagination could take us up into the sky to enable us to look down at our land, our homes, our societies and ourselves. What do you see?

bristlehound 2015

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