Stand Up

Sometimes, it’s important to make waves.

I am quite a reasonable and understanding person, even by my own very demanding standards.

There is a point in all of our lives when getting along with people and being reasonable, rates below standing up and being counted on an issue. That time has arrived for me and this fair minded, demure and amiable middle to late aged puny male; is about to let fly.


Men simply don’t get it. As a general rule, we can’t decipher the difference between living a great life and owning every damn thing that moves. Working our collective butts off to get to the same finishing line as every other earthly soul but with more bits and pieces than the next guy.

Whatever happened to living simply and enjoying the quiet life ?

I see so many men get to a point in their life where, critically, everything blows up in their face. Life becomes hard and complicated where even previously highly regarded things, become bland and insignificant. They simply cannot cope with getting older and wiser to the route they have travelled. With age comes the understanding of what could have been.

My son now 21, has lived with the ideology of his parents as all children must. At least that’s what we think. He has been party to our style facilitated through study and careful consideration for the simple things that life provides. Put simply, we believe in looking for the good and to hell with the bad. Enjoying every day as if it is the last and always; always working hard enough to pay for the things we need. What we need can vary from day to day – year to year, but ultimately it’s down to us. Importantly, we know that every day of good health and a good bed, is a blessing. We think our son is fortunate to have been exposed to this type of life. He has the opportunity now to live a life less focused on traditional MAN MUST HUNT – CATCH FOOD – MUST EAT. ( grunt,grunt, scrotum scratch scrotum scratch). 

There is some encouraging change in men of today. By all accounts, men are now willing to be seen in clothing shops and occasionally wearing shoes which are not black or desert boots.

Having made this genetic jump, albeit small and apparel based, it would be great to see the average male even more willing to thrust themselves into the 21st century and embrace the simple pleasures of life. Let-up on the toy collection and begin expanding the mind and creativity.  Perhaps one day, we will see the true Metrosexual male become the norm, the Hipster become the radical and the Arty type as the football coach. Interesting huh! I have a great male friend with a defiant aversion to man-hugs. So obviously each time we encounter each other, I go for it. Maybe one day, he will let me catch him.

All jokes aside, it’s time for men to stand up and be counted. Time to start living in a world that doesn’t include a bank and time to appreciate the time we all have here to really make a mark.

bristlehound 2015


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