I have often succumbed to the need for exaggeration as a measure of intercepting a rolling conversation.

‘Seventeen’ or ‘Seventeen dozen’ is my usual go- to figure when I haven’t a clue of the correct number of occasions something has taken place.

’42’ is a personal favourite. Not only is it the answer to the meaning of life, it also serves well in government budgets and generally, as a rounding figure for all un-known accounting needs.

My use of ‘Hate’ is something I can confidently say, is generally good. However, resorting to ‘Hating’ a movie or character, is not beyond me.

Having to exaggerate to be heard, is of epidemic proportions throughout our developed societies. With the capability of many citizens to present their own ‘Fifteen minutes of fame’ from their own desktop, comes with it the problem of sorting fact from fiction, exaggeration from moderation.

Such is the frequency of exaggeration, we now may find it difficult to decipher the difference between real and imagined. We may well presently think those 6 inch characters on television or iPad, are in fact real. They are not.

It is via the frequency of exaggerated statements and fear, that politicians hit their mark. A method by which bad people extort favours and through propaganda, regimes create the foundation for hate.

So it is up to all of us to press the reset button. Begin replacing the outrageous with the moderate, the f**k with the damn, the ‘Seventeen’ with a fact, and the careless with the careful.

Our future is never determined on facts alone. It is given a hefty shove through gossip, innuendo, political re-framing, fear and distorted argument. In short, our future is subject to the subjective. We will make it what it will be, facts or no facts. Resetting our acceptance levels as we move forward, will create for us, a base by which we can measure fear and care, and respond in appropriate ways.

I think it is now time in the cycle of things, for society to redress the current trajectory and develop a healthy skepticism on things. After all, ’42’ makes me comfortable and it can bamboozle the crowd for a time, but it will never replace a fact.

bristlehound 2015

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