Project Update – Melbourne

Some time ago, I published a sneak-peak at an apartment project that we were developing.

This is a further update of how things are working out. image

The apartment is small and every inch needed to be thought about carefully, so as to make use of the space that was available.

Because the view is pretty good, the emphasis had to be on making the window area invite you to look, rather than enclose and shut down your view. A bit like life really.

There is a definite sense of Art Deco about the apartment theme, that and a slight Japanese influence.

In the kitchen, we have used mirror-backing for the whole area as splash-back and general decorating. This is on a Mondrian theme and has come up really well.( Photography tricky with so much mirror)

The bedroom is elegant with crystal lamp bases and pleated shades. The bed has drawers contained in the base which provides a great space for linen and personal requirements.

In the main sitting/dining area, rounded furniture provides easy movement throughout the apartment and allows a sense of space.

Also, in the dining area, we have introduced a bed-ottoman, which works as a bed as well as seating 6 people front/back. Great for big parties in small spaces.

The Shoji offers decoration by day and when visitors wish to stay overnight, a small amount of privacy.

All-in-all, this has been a great project and with quality fittings/ fine cutlery and crockery/quality artwork and a view that would please anyone; a pleasure to visit.

bristlehound 2015

2 thoughts on “Project Update – Melbourne

  1. Yeah, I’d live there. Love the view, but really digging the branched looking rug, the soft blinds, the rounded edges. Just lovely, looks like a wonderful use of space and design.

    1. You may well like to do some decorating Kristen? You might really enjoy it and it is so rewarding.
      There is an App called “Houzz” that is good fun to look at, lots of design and decoration throughout the world.B

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