Beautiful Melbourne

Melbourne is alive and up-holding it’s well earned reputation as the Sporting Capital.

The Australian Open Tennis tournament is entering the final stages to be quickly followed by World Cup Cricket, Formula 1 and then the ever popular Australian Rules Football.

As luck has it, I have been able to attend a lot of the tennis as has been the case for about 10years now. Fair to say that when it comes to picking a winner I am no better for this, but the enjoyment that comes from following the different players is really great.

One of the best things in Melbourne at this time is heading out to one of the great restaurants that seem to be everywhere. Any food that takes your fancy is just a block or two from the CBD and my waistline proves that my participation has been keen.

Although our summer has not been hot this year, in fact it has been more like winter at times; there have been days so beautiful they take your breath away. To read that other countries are experiencing rather cold winters, makes me appreciate even the cooler days for what they are not.

My posting has been a little slow and stilted of late because time has been a little hard to find. I have only just returned home from a 5 week annual sojourn to the city and with Tennis being the focus, not much else was attended to.

If you can make it to Melbourne, take the opportunity. You will not be disappointed and quite possibly will fall totally in love with the city.
There is easy access to the country towns and airports are close to the CBD.
Melbourne has created it’s own cosmopolitan style with people from all points of the globe forming a community that is vital and fun.

It goes without saying that if you do travel this way, I would enjoy offering up any help that was within my field of knowledge and maybe a coffee as well.

bristlehound 2015

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