We Are Not Our Past

Being a product of all we have done and all that has influenced our thinking, has been a vehicle to the point we now have reached. Around us now is a new landscape. A vista comprising all of the experiences we are prepared to believe.
What we believe to be true will be so and we therefore must see this new landscape as an opportunity, with stability and knowledge as it’s fellow traveller. B

BASE girl

Everyone on this planet has one thing in common. We all have a past! Some aspects of our past are good and some are not so good. Some we are proud of and some things we are ashamed of. But we are not our past. We are not the things we have done because we always change. Some change more than others, but we all change.

What we have done in our past doesn’t dictate how we will be in the future. If we judged one another on what we have done in the past then we would be limiting something that could be great… Or horrible.

At the same time we are not the amazing things we have done in the past either. We are not the great, thoughtful, successful, giving person we have been before. Right now we are only what we decide to be today. We get…

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