Music… The Soundtrack to Life!

Clair Marie
In itself, when someone such as yourself(a challenge taker and life promoter)finds reason to speak of such normal emotions it gives heart and comfort to many.
For most of our lives we see and associate with people living the dream and apparently having it all. For someone in that dream to remind us that life doesn’t always come up smelling like roses, is important and shows maturity beyond their years.
You make the point that things turn and can do so quickly. One moment everything is fabulous and the next there is a situation that can be threatening and disturbing to emotional well-being.
This is what life presents. You are so right in saying that the handling of a situation will make the difference.
I have always believed that it is not whether situations happen or not, it is how we deal with those situations that effects our lives.
One of the methods that work for me, is to ‘Back-off’ and let life flow for a while. Being clearly out of current control and fighting to regain stability often can exasperate things, so providing time to settle can restore some sense of understanding. As you say, listening to music,reading, taking quiet refuge and rekindling relationships with people and things that comfort us, will quickly have us on a path to equilibrium.

You make the point that emotions and mood fluctuate.Un-fortunately the room to move within the mood criterion has progressively been tightened, so today we find it almost abnormal to be anything but “Happy” and “Confident”. Well true wellness and true happiness is experiencing all emotional changes, after all, 1984 made a very good novel and carries some degree of truth but reality is a different, more wholesome story.B

BASE girl

Every now and then. Maybe after a particular difficult week, projects falling through, loss of a loved one or close friend and even just normal life things, depression creeps its way into life. Everyone experiences this. No one is exempt, the only difference is how we all handle it. How we confront the emotions that tell us to stay in bed all day, binge eat comfort food or to feed into the emotions which lead to a downward spiral. And on occasion pulling yourself out of the funk seems impossible. Like you are trapped beneath the surface, So close to escaping, seeing normal life going on in front of you, despite the way you feel. Reaching a point of not knowing what to do or how to pull through. Motivation dwindles, inspiration seems so out of reach. What a process this can be. How do we make it through in…

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