Perspective is everything

What is rank to some spells adventure and learnings to others. It’s just timing that serves to be the conduit between feeling exalted or cheated.

Take my recent encounter with a most gorgeous day. The sun was shining, there was a cool and clean breeze tinkling the leaves of the garden trees. All was well as I toiled faithfully to beautify my ever-growing garden.

I like the idea of working in the garden. Mostly it is for my neighbours’ sake that there is a display of shrubs and flowers, after all, they have quite splendid gardens and it keeps them in a mind of polite reverence for my toil.

This recent encounter led me to look upwards ( which I often do ) and look at what was a sky of the most beautiful blue. Except for the ‘Jetcloud’ which cut across the sky with a brutal swipe of furry white.

I was livid and directed some expletives towards the vast sky-canvas that 3-400 people had utilised, albeit without awareness of any kind. After all, how could people flying to some exotic destination, about to have the trip of a life time; be so callous as to completely ignore my personal indulgence of beauty? Am I not important enough to have my feelings considered?

Timing is the key to everything. It effects our attitude and gives us direction. But timing renders strong beliefs irrelevant also. Were I to be in that plane heading ‘OS’ , then I would have my paradigm set on pool-side cocktails and galleries.

Could it be that the strong views we all hold on so many things, could also be effected to the contrary, depending upon each of our perspectives?
What is non-negotiable today may well be an easy contract of agreement tomorrow, dependant upon the timing.

For now, my outburst of naughty words was (and is) a response that showed more about me and my goals than a strongly held view that would accompany me to my grave. My outrage was more about timing than the deeply engrained, core beliefs of someone willing to go to their death over something. After all, I was slightly envious of the culture vultures aboard that mid-day flight.

‘Jetcloud’ is still a ********** blight on our lives. It is a visual pollutant, destroying all of our views – except if I’m travelling somewhere.

bristlehound 2014


5 thoughts on “Perspective is everything

  1. I love this post. Timing is everything…”non-negotiable today may well be an easy contract of agreement tomorrow, dependent upon the timing”. Great line. So true. I live with twin 14 year old girls and the waxing and waning estrogen in our home puts nearly every contract under scrutiny. 🙂

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