Marooned Maroon Balloon

Ah! What a blast!
Streaking across the sky at a frantic pace, this balloon captured my eye while I was luxuriating with a red wine and some outrageously smelly cheese.

Melbourne is a city of many surprises. Around every corner there is something that makes you wonder how come you could be so old and not have encountered this before.

Swathes of trees set shade and green foliage patterns, rattling trams break your quiet in a demanding way.

Like all cities, people are the real interest. The hairy,the hairless, the large and small, the colourful and the bland, the business suit and the goth. All mixed into a streetscape of new and old, with noise and more noise.

As the cheese opens up to be smellier than a garbage bag on steroids, I recline restfully, looking down from my high vantage point. My apartment is comfortable and delivers me great pleasure in viewing a good part of the city.

But looking down and straight ahead is what most of us do. Seldom can we afford to look up and see just what is happening the sky above. So many obstacles and things to look at, why waste a moment staring into the blue?

There was a new sound, one I hadn’t heard before. Like a fire breathing dragon passing above en-route to another land. A deep throaty, hollow gasp for air. Frightening but not so much that I was jolted from my endeavour of devouring this devilish cheese. Cheese and red wine, a combination made in heaven (apologies to my non-drinking friends).

Then suddenly, in front of my eyes, appeared this beautiful gas powered balloon. Had I been looking skyward, I would have surely eyed it.

The aliens aboard appeared friendly, but you can never tell with these impromptu arrivals. For all I knew they could have been wanting to abduct me and conduct a dissection upon me, perhaps verifying my status. After all, I was living higher than the general populous, as mostly the streets are the place humans dwell during the day.

The balloon was close, but not that close for me to understand what the aliens were speaking. It sounded confused and I swear I heard laughter and saw glasses filled with something. Maybe this alien craft could conjure up replicas of what we, humans, do as part of our regime.

No sooner had the Maroon Balloon appeared and flattered me with the interest it showed, than it was gone. Floating off toward the sea.

This was a close encounter for me. Never have I seen a ballon in action before and certainly, I have not heard it operating at such close quarters.
My inclination now is to share my interest in above and below, so that I may not miss the great opportunities that are happening just beyond my paradigm.

I think about that balloon often. Was it real? Did I actually have a balloon just outside my elevated doorstep? Why did I escape the possible abduction? Was I too old and my specimen would be mis-representative of what was available? These are the question I ponder.

Perhaps it was the cheese that saved me. After all the smell, even today, still clings to my clothing and throughout the environment of the building. It could have been so strong that I could have come across a natural repellant, that could not only stop aliens in their tracks but maybe even slow the pace of the humble fly.

Whatever the case, I was fortunate to see such a beautiful thing and Melbourne continues to surprise me.

Bristlehound 2014

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