I am a Caveman

As an avid fan of Derren Brown – master of mind control- I have begun to think that my life is more or less, predictable.

Derren Brown is an illusionist, mind controller, artist, former church-goer and so many other things. But most of all, he is annoying.

Annoying because I cannot pick up what he is doing to make the, almost remarkable, calls he does when exposing the inner-thoughts of the multitude of people, wishing to be humiliated.

Watching Derren, makes me wonder about the extent to which I am individual – or not. If his system of predicting events, controlling outcomes and reading thoughts is as accurate as it is indicated, then this suggests that individual thinking is just a figment of ones imagination.

I have, for my whole life, been free thinking and, dare I say, slightly ‘out there’ with my style. Something that I treasure and do as normal, even if it is to the frustration of my partner( bless her cotton socks) and to others encountering my stubbornness and slightly weird way of looking at the world.

Mostly, the things that I say and do come from a base of confidence in oneself and an understanding of each persons unique status as a part in the jigsaw of life. Like most others, my view of the world can be flexible and immovable, depending on my understanding and knowledge regarding a subject.

As Derren Brown exposes with apparent ease, the thoughts and peccadilloes of his lemming audiences, I watch with wonder of the point of my life.

One saving grace is the inclination of Derren to be quite careful in his choice of participant. This is not to suggest that the participants past and present, are of a, shall we say ‘ lesser lemming status’ but it is indicative of a careful and calculated approach.

Either way, Derren Brown gets it right. He is a master and great to watch. He has quirky little bodily movements that may give him away,such as a ‘nod’ perhaps affirming his thoughts as correct and transferring that correctness to his ‘lemming’. He also speaks quickly and invitingly so as to be as inclusive as possible, thus not causing his ‘lemming’ to stray into the water too quickly.

What really irks me about the process of Derren Brown to expose the thoughts of people, is that there is a suggestion of certain character types(which I can grasp) and that those characters will have ultimate thoughts in a direction with similar outcomes. That is; if you are a person that believes the world is flat, you will not be alone and moreover you will carry certain adjoining ideas that prove your belief in flatism.

Can it be true that “Out There” exists a cohort of mees, all thinking the same and blindingly following a path to the cliff-side?
What is it that makes me and everyone, individuals and creators?
Could it be true that Derren Brown is from another planet and has powers far and beyond those of normal man?

For the moment I will remain calm and confident with my place in the world.
My overwhelming desire is to work this guy out. Maybe that’s the nature of my beast, but I can’t let him go until, in some small way, I can define his tricks; or could it be that Derren Brown is actually spooky enough to be real?

Please, should you have the opportunity to watch or attend something of Derren Brown, enjoy it. He is really great to watch and there is lots of fun to be had.
Just don’t take life too seriously and believe everything you see and hear.

Time to light the fire and settle in for the night – no wait – I haven’t invented fire yet.

Bristlehound 2014

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