Dilapidation – A Process

This is the home of grandparents and, as it happens, was the centre of the world for a time.

This little house that stands un-recognisable today, once nurtured a family and stood as a symbol of rest and comfort for hard-working dairy farmers.

It will always exist in the minds of those for whom it was a beacon of the very substance of what family was, and is today.

Whilst the house is fading away and being consumed by the earth that provided for it’s structure, and now it is but a broken- down wreck; it will always find a place in the hearts of those who knew it.

Memories are the cob-webs that bind our existence, the structure by which we build our future, and the strength that provides for us to keep moving forward.

Without dilapidation there is no structure and without memories there is no character. Our lives are guided by our mind, it is the mind that houses things as they were, and things as they can be.

Bristlehound 2014

5 thoughts on “Dilapidation – A Process

    1. I’ve always tried to counter things that may not turn out well, by understanding the need for good and bad as a reference.
      It therefore empowers me to use my perspective as a useful tool to steer me through the tough times.
      My life is a great pleasure and I’m sure having a grip on the practical need to have dark before one can measure light, sets the scene for that happy existence. Thanks for the comment. B

    1. And so goes life!
      Without bad there is no good, no down means no up, and on it goes.
      Our perception is the common denominator and by vigilance, we can rule over many situations for the better.
      Thanks for reading Mimi.B

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