Time Lapse

My interest in Time Travel is acute enough to see me waxing lyrical about a second and third dimension, over a simple cup of coffee with my somewhat less enthusiastic friends.
I am fascinated about the possibilities of (briefly) departing this known dimension and entering a concurrent one, only to return and finish my previously commenced breakfast. Now that’s travelling.

What would I expect to find in this new and parallel world?
Well! I would expect the same existence but at a different time. Maybe I would be a child. Maybe not even born. It could be that ‘Back to the Future’ was in fact a documentary on time travel and not just a great movie.

Putting all of that exciting possibility thinking aside, I really want to make a complaint and so, to do so, I must tell a short story.

As a youngster with my aforesaid interest in Time Travel approaching its zenith ( not to mention some other interests maturing as well), I began to take a keen interest in clocks and their various styles and operation.
I have built a small collection of time-pieces around my interest not least of which is the clock pictured.
This clock has fallen into the hands of myself and my partner, as a family gift. It is of no great value in monetary terms, but has a significant history.
You see this clock hung in a Bank for many years and, at the time of the Great Depression, was handed to a Bank client as part refund of his lost deposits. Whilst it did not nearly cover the losses of the client, it was none-the-less accepted graciously and was dutifully re-established into the clients small shop. There it hung for many years.
When the shop was sold, it happens it was to my Father in law, as he continued the running of that same shop.
Upon the retirement of my father in law, my partner and I took custody of this great piece.

I have a beautiful fob watch that was my late fathers. It half works so I guess it must be half broken, but it’s lovely to have and a relic of my own family.

Other time-pieces are interesting as well, but the one great piece I really loved was a quant bedside electric timer that showed the time in big numbers. Pretty swish in its time and not without cause because every motel in the world may have shared its importance.
This particular time-piece was a little different in that when the electricity died, it didn’t revert back to that annoying, flashing 12.00,1200,1200……., no this was a classy piece. When the electricity went off it also went off, but the big difference was as power was restored, the time-piece picked up from where it left off. It didn’t correct the time, just carried on as if nothing had happened.

This is where I complain!

This time-piece had carried on for about 7 years un-touched. It had seen through outages (as they are now so eloquently referred to now) and it had seen off hundreds of storms. Through repairs to the building where power needed to be shut off, to fuses(remember them) burning out, this time-piece carried on.
Until one day!

Yes, a well meaning family member decided to take away that 7 years of time travel, take away that record of the ups and downs of domestic bliss and take away the many conversations accounted for over the time being ‘So wrong’. Yes! A well meaning family member filled with love and hope for my domestic capability improvement, ‘CHANGED THE TIME’.

So quickly history can be lost. One moment I was travelling in time, in a parallel universe of time, the next I am back in reality. Such is life.

I haven’t given up on my time-travel dream. My hologram remains potentially readied for that move to another dimension. All that I need now is a digital time-piece that cannot keep up with real time and I think I’m away.

Bristlehound2014 and beyond

4 thoughts on “Time Lapse

  1. First off, and I’m most likely very late to that party, gorgeous new layout! Your site is so much in harmony I can only marvel. Very beautiful.

    This piece really struck a cord with me, as have so many of your wonderfully written articles before. But this one – time travel and the beauty of timepieces, once stuck at a certain time they are the epitome of possibilities, of time lost and time won, it’s all there. Their faces are mysterious and concise at the same time. Some time back I mentioned a stuck clock in a post and your comment on that – alas I couldn’t even paraphrase it off the bat – brought me to re-evaluate where the fascination with time immobilised comes from, that there is a fascination to be grasped in the first place, really. Time passing is the most reliable thing in the world, isn’t it. Time unmoving so unusual – almost like a spell, as if a stopped clock held the possibility in it to stop time itself. I could ramble on but time is flying 🙂
    best, Linda Catherine

    1. I think time is a perception. That is, it only exists in the mind and clocks are a way of outwardly attempting mind control. I’m pretty sure that even if timepieces didn’t exist, we would all find ways of congregating at football matches and appointments, attend movies and generally be organised.
      What really excites me is that depending on your astral location, you could born, un-born or dead. So we really only have time to determine our biological status.
      The mind boggles!
      Thanks for the comment Linda Catherine, it is much appreciated. B

  2. I love your enthusiasm for time travel. I often ask my past and future selves for some advice on how to deal with certain situations. Our brains are capable of so much more. If we are only using 10% of what is available to us. Is there a possibly that we are already time traveling as a coping mechanism to another dimension?

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