The Age of Discontent

I am of an age that does actually remember the sixties, so I guess you may call me an outsider.
The sixties presented so many opportunities that, while growing up at least, seemed mind bogglingly vast.
The music of the day was transitioning from the swing and jazz to a pop culture incorporating such bands as The Beatles and Hermans Hermits (I’m into something good). Of course Elvis Presley ruled the day (In The Ghetto) and Led Zepplin was knocking on the late 60’s door with ‘Stairway to Heaven’. Great times and artists from whom much of the music of today has been built, as it should be.
By far the biggest thing to come from the 60’s for me was the moon landing.
How was this possible? It was a Boys Own adventure of the likes we had only read of in fiction. Pictures and sound coming from an outer celestial rock, with the anticipation of Neil Armstrong being taken by a passing Moonian, set this up as a life forming experience. Anything was possible.

I think that the world as one needs a constant dream. If it be a trip to the moon then let it be (Beatles 1970’s). It is easy to fall into negative goals by simply shutting down all dreams and crazy aspirations.
Having a war is a common goal – it is a common goal because we as human beings need to be striving for something. Working towards a future attainment. Conflict and anti-social behaviour, are goals because the future is un-clear and we are bereft of direction from within or without.

The 60’s because it was on the cusp of social and technological change, presented so much to this fortunate body of humans born and developing in this time. Yet if you speak with someone born in the 90’s, they may well say the same thing – that the changes and explosion of information has given them a boon and makes it possible for this group to stamp a mark on history, even more so than previous. This is the great thing about society and the Achilles’ heel, because whilst our own group and other age groups think we are the elite of human society to date, we will be superceded by yet another group.

We need more crazy people out there. Not the crazies that cause society harm but people who can think of outrageous ideas with little care for consequences. A balanced social structure should always account for a body of craziness so as to find a way to challenge our mediocre existence. By mediocre I mean a society that thinks war and conflict is a reasonable goal.
This is not a necessary part of a civilised world nor is it a requirement for economic growth, it is plainly and simply a cop out for not planning ahead.
What was the ‘Big Dream’ once the moon was conquered? What was it that fascinated the world?
To his credit, The USA President announced a Mars Programme, but this is simply a great idea made good – a duplication of the 60’s Moon Programme.
Where are the ‘Big Dreams’?

I know that there is advancement in all areas of commerce, medicine and social existence, but these are things that we expect to happen under good management systems. There is Research and Development paid for and providing great leaps forward for many companies. The world is slowly developing in such a way that poverty and third world conditions may, one day, become a thing of the past. All of this is good and positive.

In this time of information availability, it seems to me that; as even the most non-professional information seekers can and do find it easily, then the worlds base level of understanding improves. With this over-all improvement comes the ability to debate many more things at many levels with the resultant goal-setting of nations being the handling of maddened crowds. Each nation has now become a moderator rather that an instigator.

People need to be challenged. Give people a cause and they will rise to it.
If it is war then they will be there, if it be sickness they will survive, if it be hardship they will come through. This is the way of people, the way we are built it is part of this elite human group that currently roams the planet.

In this time, a time where information is collateral, where ideas come and go dependant upon how much background can be generally sought, we need a ‘Big Idea’. It has to be to the betterment of the world as a whole and something to which each nation can contribute. It may have been attempted by exposing Climate Change as a threat and thus building a world-wide base for its repair, but people soon tire of being penalised and convicted. Climate Change will find its way into the good management sector.

This ‘Big Idea’ has to be non-academic so as to shield it from the barrage of proper argument. It needs to be un-touchable and remain so. It has to be immune from information junkies blowing it out of the water before it gets a chance to grow. It sound like it may have to be something akin to a new religion or a spiritual objective – well so be it. Just let’s get it out there.

….. The picture was one of Neil Diamond as my first attempt at drawing back in the 60’s. My ‘Big Dream’ of drawing as an occupation.

Bristlehound 2014

4 thoughts on “The Age of Discontent

  1. The moon landing – the most spectacular thing for me was the VIEW back to earth, suspended in space, up or down. I thought then earth citizens would transcend there differences. Well, it takes time for a penny to drop.

    1. You must have enjoyed your trip Ashen.
      Differences wax and wane, they are a measure of our disposition I guess?
      The moon landing was the new ‘best thing’ so maybe the time warp of euphoria that existed then can be created again soon. My preference is for finding a new dimension and travelling through time – Dr.Who style.B.

    1. Mimi, when the fax machine arrived, I dreamt of having my hologram faxed to London to enjoy a summer holiday.
      Take a trip and never leave the farm (Roger Miller circa 1978) B

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