Time to deClutter

As I sit amongst my Japanese Maples, I wonder what this next winter may bring.
It’s Autumn in my part of the world and that can mean only one thing – time to get a project.
Living in a cold climate, as I do, means that the Autumn and Winter can be pretty grey and quite miserable at times. My happy persona belies the contempt that I hold for such a greyness.
So, it’s a project that is needed and there is nothing quite so invigorating as a toss out and deClutter ( as we like to reference our French heritage).
Everything must go, start with the refrigerator and rid ourselves of those Christmas jams and Easter chocolates that never see the light of day. Who keeps Vegemite in the fridge? We do, and it never gets used. There is stuff that has no label and stuff that has gone so far off its come back on.
Those heady days of de-frosting the freezer are just a memory now with these new fangdangle double door- ice making- grocery list producing machines. Nothing to do but worry now.
On to the cupboards and the ‘Useless drawer’ so called because it started as the ‘Useful drawer’ and everything that was seen as useful was directed to it. Thus rendering it ‘Useless’.
In this post-apocalypse collection there is a wealth of things to find. Scissors, wrapping paper, string, scissors, staples, name printers, scissors, cards,boxes,batteries(dead), scissors(blunt), screw-driver set, you name it and it’s probably in there somewhere.
The trouble with getting into this collection of stuff is that there is the occasional photograph and that means 2 hours of looking at the pics and discussing the subject at length.
Cupboards are a trap. In fact Cupboard as defined actually means : Big waste of time.
When we renovated, some 12 years ago, everything was tossed out and then brought back gradually. So today we have all of the prodigal saucepans, the recalcitrant knives and the allusive floral mugs with a picture of the Royal Family on them. Nothing different, but it was great to have the power over these silent dictators, at least for a short while.
Bedrooms are just a no-go-zone to the efficient, busy house-keeping goal-setter. There is the man/boy cave of the 20 year old and it should never be entered without safety gear. Torch, breathing apparatus and stick are the preferred items of war. The torch is needed to see inside the bat cave, the breathing apparatus so as to stay alive with actual new air and the stick for any passing wildlife that may have entered without being seen (not joking).
On to the royal suite and time to rid ourselves of the self propagating perfume bottles, the ever increasing book brigade, the trinkets bulging out of the, once desolate handy jewellery box.
Bedrooms are a hive of advanced humanity. Important pictures, books and magazines sit comfortably with the wilting petals of flower arrangements signifying historic events. Not after I have finished – everything out.
Too late to start on the lounge room, the sitting room, the pantry(ooh!) and the bathroom/laundry. They will just have to go onto the wait list.
This process will take time but let’s face it, winter can be long an tedious so it should not be a chore to continue in an orderly way. No way will these cold, grey days set my agenda.

Bristlehound 2014


2 thoughts on “Time to deClutter

  1. Very well written and entertaining!

    Yet mind boggling – it’s beginning to be mild and sunny here and I’m preparing to spend as little time as possible indoors and in-sun (a stunt I attempt every year) I have not yet started missing autumn but I know it’s only a matter of time. Grey melancholy days are frightfully distant and I know not how to deal with half a year of violent cheerfulness.

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