My Beloved Kitchen

My kitchen has become my friend over the last 15 years.

Every night, I go through the ritual of preparing a meal and taking my time about it. Cooking is a special treat for me and is something that never tires me.
15 years ago we renovated the kitchen in our home. The kitchen was the result of much scratching out of pre-drawings, but eventually our design came into being. The fact that our kitchen hasn’t been touched in those 15 years is testament to the great design we were lucky enough to come up with.
The whole kitchen is hidden when we are not requiring its use, so it remains a stream-line clean looking area which is great for a kitchen.
It’s not as if it has been treated with that much care. We purposely chose a carpet flooring, which in this case is a marine carpet, simple and cheap cooktop and a modest oven. We still use the same cook-top and oven and the carpet doesn’t show any signs of cracking up.
Because of my love of cooking we often feed 30 or more people and most times dinners are of about 10 people. Our regular nightly dinner is far less demanding but just as stimulating.
Cooking has been a saviour to me. It gives me a chance to prepare my own diet, which happens to be along a Jamie Oliver/Thai style and everyone seems to love it. Plus I get to play great music and have a glass of wine all the while meditating of a sort.
My partner absolutely hates cooking and would be just as happy to be out finding a new pair of heels. Mind you her taste in shoes is absolutely splendid.
All-in-all we are both winners and the system works well, but our kitchen has a lot to be proud of. It has served us well and continues to give pleasure.
I shall raise a glass of red this eve to honour our kitchen and it’s un-sung importance in my and my family’s lives.

Bristlehound 2014

7 thoughts on “My Beloved Kitchen

    1. Thanks for your comment Lisa. I have been travelling and out of range for some time so only just found this. The actual kitchen is quite simple and only contains a refrigerator, hot plate/oven and a utensils cupboard. So the photographs offer pretty much all of the design features existing. There is naturally plenty of wire drawers and they operate on great spring-loaded rails. We have reduced our equipment to what is used and pitched out pots and pans that never saw the light of day. Overall, the kitchen is functional, fitted out with a view to replacement of equipment and offers plenty of space and cleaning facilities. Thanks for your interest, I hope this is of help.B.

  1. Jamie Oliver is such an inspirational chef. I love cooking too but I don’t think I could ever cook for so many as you do, without going into Hell’s Kitchen mode. I love that you dedicated a post to your kitchen. It certainly deserves it.

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