Hopelessly Lost

One of my Simple Pleasures in life is ‘Getting Hopelessly lost’ on a road trip.

I feel I may now need to advertise for a road trip companion, as it has become increasingly less ‘cool’ and perhaps a little weird.

Just getting out on the road, singing songs like ‘On the road again’ and ‘Ring of fire’ and drifting along with a full tank, only to find that after an hour from home, I am completely and utterly lost. Fortunately my instinct for knowing my compass north and with the understanding that I am always half way home, there is never a panic. In fact it is the reverse of panic, there is a sense of pleasure that opens my mind and invites me to experience raw emotion. Something about being ‘lost, but not’ suddenly provides a platform of relief and freedom that gives me balance and strength of mind to perform my everyday requirements.
It doesn’t seem all that cool to be out and about driving anymore. Obviously with so many toys available now, it is a big call to drag oneself from the comfort of an armchair and one of the many great devices that make our lives so much fun. So to get someone to come with me is difficult.
As a baby and a small boy, my now 20 year old son would happily come along with me, singing and playing games until that ultimate moment when I would announce that , yes; ‘We were hopelessly lost’ and the drama would build. We would take turns at suggesting this or that track, until we finally found ourselves on the main highway home just in time for morning tea.
At 20, my son has some more serious things to attend to and I live in hope that he may want to do these drives again one day, perhaps with his little boy or girl.
When I am out and about, because I live in a farming area and enjoy the district, my route always puts me on seldom used roads with dodgy edges and loose stones. I travel at a slow pace both for comfort and care and this in what is now known as a fire zone, appears as suspicious behaviour. Imagine that, many of my friends are from the farming community and here is me, a suspicious, slow driving, geeky looking fire bug. My only reason for being out in these areas is because I love the countryside and it gives me so much pleasure.
I will do these drives for as long as I can, or until cars are replaced by itravellers or etransporters, they are my way of really understanding the community natural surrounds. I know I am a little bit geeky and a little bit weird and have a tinge of green about me, but to all of you fellow road-trippers out there, I am sure you understand my passion.

Bristlehound 2014


11 thoughts on “Hopelessly Lost

    1. Yeah! I have done it my whole life and even the past weekend chose to go a different way to my destination. I was totally bushed but somehow made my way through it and survived just fine.B

  1. This sounds like a wonderful game to play. Adventure and meditation all in one fun package. Everyone plays with gadgets these days, so it feels exciting and right to get back to basics in this way. It sounds lovely where you live, ripe for this sort of thing. Your post inspires me to load the car up and go get lost.

    1. It is a lovely area BB, we have a great climate and a nice little community. Australia generally is still a young and enthusiastic country and it’s easy living here. That’s not to say other countries are not great places. I have travelled quite a lot and seen a number of countries and Australia is a great place to come home to. Great to hear from you and so pleased everything going well. Cheers. B

  2. On the Road, a colossal US theme: Jack Kerouac, “On the Road,” the Beach Boys, “Surfin’ Safari” and “Surfin’ USA,” Steinbeck, “Travels with Charley” (and in a sadder sense, his “The Grapes of Wrath,”), and you can take the theme anywhere, as “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” made clear, and Dylan’s “Never Ending Tour.” And we are all lost, all the time, whether walking around the block or heading out cross country, so why not take that lostness on the road? We live in the age of the auto. Great theme and great post. As it happens, I was on a road trip this past weekend, long story, but just to say, yr post resonating here….

      1. I just checked out the Whale Route and it looks great. I am not sure about those miles though, we drive in kilometres here and it is much safer.
        My next major road trip will take me through the Clare Valley and up to Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges – no whales there it’s all inland but should be great.
        Having recently completed a trip to Montgomery Reef in Western Australia, my partner and I were lucky enough to be close to whales there, what a magical and humbling experience that was. B

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