A little bit of finding music please

I am a political junkie and not afraid to say it.

When it comes to politics, I must say I love the banter than ensues once a topic has been either spoken or written of.

For a short time I have contributed to a general news blogg here in Australia and have enjoyed it greatly. All kinds of things are raised and ultimately become partisan once the conversation gets underway

Mostly, contributors to the blogg are respectful and informative with their work, but as is the world, some folks just can’t help themselves. Some of the big blogg comment numbers, come from the usual suspects, ie; climate change, wars, refugees, water and the like, but it is the anger with which some of the cases are made that I find astounding.

Common decency escapes people in rants about their own particular interests and of peccadillos committed by un-witting politicians. People wanting to save the whales are at the throats of other human beings just dripping with hatred, our own Republicans promote themselves as conservative and set about engaging in toe-to-toe fights with all and sundry over issues. Our democrats, set themselves up as the Socialists and love everyone but the vitriol from them is palpable. All in all it can be quite offensive at times not least to say that it can be intimidating.

I love my blogging and having something to say on the politics of the day, but the more I understand about politics, the more I am convinced that is just a game of confidence. Not of having confidence to do things but by attacking the confidence structure of those that have chosen politics as a profession. As soon as a politician takes office and sometimes prior to that, they are gradually but surely chipped away at, until they finally respond and consequently lose the argument.

If we don’t have faith and don’t believe in our politicians, then why have them? It is not a sport and simply degrading to see how administrators from all walks of life are attacked and belittled constantly. I think it is time to stand up for decency and for rallies to held for this rather than rallies to throw yet another government out.

We are a better society for all the advancements over decades of growth and hard work. We simply risk it all should we allow ourselves to be dragged into a mire of degradation such as playing sport with the fine characters of so many people. It is time to stand up for what we believe to be true and do so in a civil, decent way that will see our beliefs to fruition.

Bristlehound 2014

4 thoughts on “A little bit of finding music please

  1. Politics is the time clock of society and ticks away on its own. Sometimes we need to intervene and wind it up, other times the hands need adjusting, but it cannot be left to its own devices.Thanks Mimi.B

  2. I don’t get people who don’t follow some bit of politics. It impacts us in so many ways. I love your sentence “People wanting to save the whales are at the throats of other human beings just dripping with hatred”… it captures a lot of the situations out there.

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