They must come with us all goodwill says
Elst harm be their lifelong friend
We provide for them in our motherly ways
Goodness beginning to end

My time is compelled by growth and by wealth
I live as if now will be lost
My future is clouded – taken by stealth
Money is not the true cost

To stop and to think is simply downtime
‘Tis better others pursue
My way is best suited living the rhyme
As blue-printed by something bought new

My family comes first that belief can’t be tested
They will have what I wanted most
Come Monday morning I need to be rested
I’m thankful to my sporting host

I leave the rules to the learned brigade
My needs attended my fears allayed
I see little of my eroding grade
Enlightened when I want my say

For now I will follow the popular road
My belief tells me this is not tiring
I have no time for a negative load
This cannot be company wiring

Bristlehound 2014

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