For 20 years Mrs. Thomas has presided over activities in our home.

Mrs. Thomas was originally painted in the late 1800’s and found her way to our home from England. She sits in contemplation, quietly assessing the comings and goings of our happy and busy family. Having been with us so long it would be hard to think that one day she may move on to find another family.

We cannot determine the name of the artist that completed the painting. This has long been a sadness for us because to know the artist is to give some credence and base to this genuine masterpiece. I use the description, ‘Masterpiece’ not to ally it with the great masters but moreover to tell of Mrs. Thomas’ significance within the walls of our home.

Mrs.Thomas was there when our son was born. On his first night at home, his eyes glanced about the room and locked on the painting with the lady looking at him. She was not frightening but soft and caring and signified that
our son was in a good place. A place of love and caring.

In her early years, Mrs. Thomas spent her days over the fireplace in our dining room. These years were the ones where 2 and 3 nights a week were allocated to dinner with friends and associates. The growth years of business and social events. The years where my personal education increased dramatically through conversation and challenges. The meeting of some truly unique individuals with equally unique takes on life.

Whilst in the dining room, Mrs.Thomas saw our family grow with our boy sitting up to the big table that took 16 at a pinch. This little boy propped up on a high chair at this big table. We ate here because dinner was always going to be about conversation and stories. Mrs.Thomas would recall that, at a later time in our boys life, when he was about 3, he ran around the great dining table to show how he could count. One hundred times around a table with a 3 year old yelling each lap count, is something that could only be endured by an inanimate object such as a painting, but Mrs.Thomas is more than that.

Fast forward and Mrs. Thomas has seen it all. The Christmas trees and sneaky Santa, crying over bedtime curfew, laughing as if the Dad joke was the best ever made, the stories and songs. She was there.

The calmness of Mrs.Thomas seeps through the home and has provided comfort on many occasions of family dynamics. Not least of which was the comfort provided in the grieving of the death of our closest friend some years back. This was a life changing experience and to have the people and the things you really care for around you at such times , is vital. The passing of family members and long time associates, all celebrated at this great table.

In later years as our boy has become our man, there has been riotous times witnessed by Mrs.Thomas at dinner. We have always stuck with tradition at dinner and ‘Done it proper’ where we can. Part of the tradition is ‘ The big idea’. This is a nightly occurrence and requires that someone – anyone – come up with a big idea or a big question. Our young man now brings his uni cohort along for dinner (there is always food for plenty), and they willingly join in the traditional Qand A session. It is amazing what can be uncovered in these debates.

We owe a lot to Mrs. Thomas. Not only has she seen us through the propagating educating years, the years of frivolity and the ‘Salad days’, the ups an downs of family life, but she represents something really special. Mrs.Thomas represents time. Time passed, time present and time to come. She remains the same and her stability is graciously accepted.

Mrs. Thomas is still with us today but she now hangs above our bed, offering her static wisdom. As we sleep at night, Mrs.Thomas watches over us and provides for myself and my partner, the comfort of knowing there are things in life that cannot be purchased. I would like it said that in 100 years time when one of my great, great, grandchildren follow their family tree; my wish is for them to read on their new device, that I began the big sleep here, with Mrs.Thomas as my witness.

Bristlehound 2014

3 thoughts on “Mrs.Thomas

  1. Oh I just loved this one. What a lovely portait and tribute to the last 20 years of your family. Love the idea of her watching over all this time. Love the proper dinners and the Q&A each night – sounds thought-provoking and fun and a great way to connect after a busy day. My favorite post of yours so far. Thanks for sharing Mrs. Thomas with us.

    1. BB, I value your response to this post, as I do with all of your comments. You would know that it is impossible to understand what makes a good post, when everything that is written comes from the heart. I guess it’s like a movie that is loved by one and completely ignored by another. Your connection is something I value and I have a small group of others to whom I am grateful also. Thank you for continuing to correspond, I love to think of others so far away participating to a forum of gentle ideas and opinions, while sharing a common desire to write. The emotion generated through writing is priceless.B

  2. I have been crazy busy but I managed to read some of your posts. This post reminded me of the portraits at Hogwarts which are very much ‘alive’ in a way. Being a Harry Potter fan, I couldn’t shake off that thought while reading this. Hope Mrs. Thomas watches over you and your family like a guardian!

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