The Tracks of My Tears

Robyn Davidson, also known as ‘The Camel Lady’, must be an inspiration to many people.

Last night I had the pleasure of viewing the new movie ‘Tracks’ based on the true story of Robyn Davidson and her epic journey through the outback of Australia.
The story portrays Robyn’s personal desire for solitude and her interaction with the natural world, not least her association with the vastness of this un-forgiving country.
The genuine love shown for the camels that accompanied this adventurous soul, was something to behold. Anyone who has a dog will find Robyn’s relationship with her dog,Diggerty ,up-lifting and heart wrenching.
As a movie, without sounding like one of those film critics, it was free from un-necessary dialogue and strong on the basic sense of struggle and emotional torment. It is well worth seeing.

As a young person, I used to wonder if I was perhaps a little different to others. My daydreaming both in school class and generally, I thought, was not something others seemed to do. Coming to understand the benefits of daydreaming, has given me great confidence in my own quest for solitude and spiritual awareness. Seeing ‘Tracks’, and for a short time getting to know Robyn Davidson, makes me restless for doing something like trekking the outback.
But this is what movies and books do, they stir the imagination and make the heart pump just that little bit faster.

Relating to a movie and empathising with the trials of one persons unusual method of being alone is one thing. Actually taking on such a feat is a lot different. The ‘Camel Lady’ is in that remarkable class of individuals, that know in their hearts, something has to be done and, come what may, they will do it. This was the only choice for Robyn Davidson. She had personal issues that tormented her throughout the journey and, as portrayed, as a young person. Her way to deal with her life challenges and desires, was to go for a long walk with camels through one of the most in-hospitable terrains and punishing climates, on earth.

The movie has a sound track that, oddly, is almost not noticed throughout. It becomes part of the beautiful scenery and understated shots of this magnificent country. Yet upon listening to an interview between Robyn Davidson and Margaret Throsby ( one of the great interviewers of radio in Australia) , a piece of music from the movie was played and it was powerful.
Being a fan of Nela Fantasia from ‘The Mission’ and a sucker for beautiful music, I naturally loved the ‘Tracks’ music as well.

It is incumbent upon us all to live our own life as well as we possibly can. Some seek power and celebrity, others fame and fortune. Many want just a quiet comfortable life. There are others seeking spiritual awareness and willing preachers to satisfy. All-in-all, the great restaurant of life has a menu knowing no bounds. You can have starters, mains and dessert with variations only limited by your own personal disposition.

I would likely describe my own restaurant of life, as only needing a light menu. No need to complicate it for me. Bells and whistles, though not generally on a meal platter, are not for me. My preference is for a little bit of everything, a degustation if you will. Adventurous but not willing to waste my time on the Tripe of life.

Robyn Davidson has done something that is no less than incredible. She challenged herself against the elements but did so in a seemingly humble way. She did have sponsorship ultimately to complete the journey, but she insists that money was necessary to complete the trek. I believe her reasons for taking on this challenge, were not motivated by money, nor were they to test herself against the difficult ( as is sometimes the motive of today), but merely to travel alone and connect with her own nothingness.

Should you get the chance to see this movie and listen to the soundtrack, I believe that you may be pleased. My intention is not to promote this or any other movie for commercial reasons, it is to simply say that this touched my very soul and I wanted to share it .

Bristlehound 2014

One thought on “The Tracks of My Tears

  1. Will look this one up. It sounds really interesting. As for daydreaming, I read something yesterday on the habits of creative people, and daydreaming was #1 I believe. Phew.

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