Significant Others

It may be argued which of all the professions is the oldest, given our penchant to consider the obvious. Yes, Architecture is right up there with all the favourites and so too is Midwifery. These are the particular professions that interest me currently.

It may be worth considering the world without a profession to get a full understanding of the significance of same.

Imagine a world without Stonehenge, a pre-historic construction or the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. The Pantheon in Rome and the Opera House in Sydney. Where exactly would modern building methods and architectural styles have come from had we not a building history?

Whilst Architecture is no more important than any other profession, it does have history on its side when importance is considered. Any journey will show an impressive display of building styles coupled with a distinctive account of what period in history they were considered contemporary.
The buildings of today will indicate a social thought on housing for tomorrow, just as anything we look at and admire now that has a degree of history attached to it. Buildings are constructed for both practical ( this includes political requirements), and decorative needs. Most areas would be covered by these two categories. A practical history is created along with the building construction and this is important in any judgement placed on contemporary work. We may not like what is being built, but it reflects society at this time.

How could we imagine a world without the midwife?

Having babies is pretty basic when human development is considered. So Midwifery, at least for me, is right up there with the great social professions.
What could be better than assisting the introduction of a new life to the world? My point is not to be in-considerate of any profession or lack of the facility of a profession, though I am aware of this ; it is however to celebrate the existence of the special qualities that this profession brings.

These two professions are, for me, two of the really great professions. I think that when one considers the impact that they each make on society, only then would it become obvious that they are part of our historical make-up. They touch us most days and should they not effect us today they will tomorrow or the next. There are professions out there that stand up to the same tests and considerations and I could list a thousand. Yet as basic, social and physical needs go, Architecture and Midwifery set a high standard.

Writing, Gardening, Art, Doctoring, Carpentry, Nursing, Sewing, Agriculture,—————— just keep adding.


One thought on “Significant Others

  1. This is an interesting juxtaposition: architecture and midwifery. Midwifery suggests an architecture of the body: the architecture of a body developing, of animals and insects, of trees and cliffs, of buildings and automobiles, but more, of tables and chairs, the life of things. I’m reminded of two works you might be interested in, Gaston Bachelard’s “The Poetics of Space,” and Norman O. Brown’s “Love’s Body.” In each, we take a look at familiar things from new perspectives. Bachelard talks about the architecture of a shell and a chest of drawers, and many other things that create space. Brown talks about the body as a metaphor, the seat of government, the head of government (often found in the same place these days), and how we organize our thoughts of things based on reference to our body.
    I like the drawing accompanying this post!

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