Vantage Point

You can change your view of the world by simply crossing the street.

Our perspective on life and it’s wonders, is guided by our knowledge bank. Some find pleasure in things where others are simply blind to that particular understanding. The study of birds gives an insight to naming and describing them as they fly about. Geology studies provide a deep knowledge of the land and it structure. Being an artist allows for intricate definition of many things. Reading and teaching, singing, playing an instrument, all give perspective to our relative view on life.

So long as we use our knowledge bank, our factual perception and our senses will determine an outcome and provide for us a comfortable yet limited understanding of all things.

What if we could turn off our knowledge bank and begin looking at things from a purely naive state. Look at things as a child looks at them.

I clearly remember one time when I needed to provide a large painting as a support to a hospital fund-raising. Being stuck in my knowledge bank, I sought help from my then 4 year old son. I asked him ‘What should daddy paint?’, his reply “lots of yellow and a big, big sun”. This painting still remains as one of my favourite works and reminds me of how viewing things as a child, brings happiness and freedom.

So turning off what we know is the hard part. All of the facts and truths that exist within us and make us what we are.

What if, just for a time, all of that knowledge was put aside and we became empty. Reaching a point of nothingness within. A point at which our perception was a bare field, ploughed and ready for sewing. But before we sew the field, what is there to see?. This is the point where true perception begins.

Knowledge is a two sided sword. Without knowledge we would be colourless and without understanding of the beauty and depth of this world. -With knowledge we could be colourless and without understanding of the beauty and depth of this world.

Reaching a point of nothingness is the fulcrum of knowledge. A point at which perception is not clouded by knowledge and a point at which is not lacking same. Nothingness is entirely without relativity.

So as I am busily doing nothing working the whole day through and trying to find lots of things not to do, I am growing and more importantly my world is expanding. My perception of all things has now a chance to flourish.

Bristlehound 2014

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