When a House is a Home

For years now part of my work has been the overseeing of a professional Interior Design business. During this time, so many trends in interiors have come and gone and nothing can be exempt from exploitation in this wonderful field. From the chic to the dowdy, there is a place for everything and everything in […]

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Go North Young Man/woman

After a recent thumbnail survey of my relatives and friends, it became obvious that how one slept effected one’s happiness. This sounds like the bleeding obvious and to a point it is, but when the perimeters of the survey are known, things become interesting. You see all of my happiest (self-proclaimed happy) friends and relatives, […]

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In years gone I have written some work for friends who marry and I would love to share one of these works.


– When we take quiet refuge amongst other creatures, and the land and the sea,
– we know this to be NATURE

– When we listen to others with gentle compassion and put their needs before our own,
– we know this to be FRIENDSHIP

– When we go about filled with peace and goodwill, whilst striving for goodness,
– we know this to be CARING

– When we create and build, using all of ones self to make beautiful things, and then give all of this away,
– we know this to be GIVING

– When we accept from others, without qualification, and with humility,
– we know this to be RECEIVING

– When we are so knowledgeable that we realise, knowing little and living simply brings peace,
– we know this to be TEACHING

– When we practise all of these things in an atmosphere of forgiveness,
– we know this to be LOVE

And when we understand Love, we will find shelter through those whom we love.
Having Faith provides the basis of accepting Love into our lives. Faith in ourselves, Faith in others and an un-yielding Faith in the worlds people.
It is with Faith that we will go forward with strength to conquer all of life’s challenges, rise above self doubt, and live a life fulfilled.
And it is with Faith that we will truly understand love.

Bristlehound 2014

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After returning from our annual sojourn to the Tennis and seeing some great matches, instead of comfortably settling in to our business routine, we have endured amazing temperatures that would dry an egg. So reading has been the one saving fact fire of being confined to barracks. GONE GIRL, THE HAPPINESS JAR and several other easy to read books have been the order of the day.

Whilst these books are interesting I find that I gravitate back to a few books I have grown to love over the years.

The first book is SHANTARAM and this will remain one of most beautiful books I have had the pleasure to read. But most of my reading time is taken up with dry economics and brain development.

What makes me stop however is reading CHINESE POETRY. It is so connective when one is interested in nature. Something makes me stop thinking like everyone else and considering things from a whole new perspective. It is gentle and at the same time harsh. It takes some time to get into it and it’s not all Confucius says;. Confucius has a roll to play but their are many others.

Here is a sample of some of the work:

Blinding heat divides day from night,
Brands short shadows into fecund soil,
Green tendrils, heavy with beans,
Coil around rustic bamboo sticks.
Violet flowers gape erotically among velvet leaves:
A single gourd contains the entire world’s dream.
( this is from Daily Meditations, Deng Ming-Dao)

I am constantly thankful I found this book and daily I
Pick it up and try to understand the meaning of the meditation or poem.

Whilst my reading is slow and sometimes strange in taste, it affords me a welcome edge on things when the normal things in life are just that. I thank all of the authors of these wonderful books.

Bristlehound 2014

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