So long Frank Lloyd Wright

A great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright has been an inspiration to not only myself but countless others in their pursuit of building aesthetics.

Truly a remarkable professional, Frank Lloyd Wright progressed both interior and exteriors through his brave use of materials, colour and texture. His architectural lineage lives on through much of today’s creations.

Back in 2006, a remarkable Australian was killed doing something he loved. Steve Irwin died in pursuit of answers to how the natural world operated. It is ironic that the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ was not taken by a crocodile but killed by a sting ray.

Steve Irwin was a great loss to the cause of advancing the thinking on the natural world. He progressed the understanding that animals have the right to a respectable life.

On the day that Steve Irwin died another great Australian died. Colin Thiele, the author of Storm Boy, passed away at the age of 85.

Colin Thiele wrote many other books, one being February Dragon, a story of Fire in the Australian hot dry climate. He was profuse in his writing and effected young and old with his stories and poetry.

These three great people all carried out astonishing careers and effect many others through their efforts. A lot of us have moulded our thinking and our methodology on the basics provided by these men. There are thousands of people through the ages that have had similar and larger effects on the world at large. Indeed without books to study and stories to hear, we arguably may not have progressed much at all.
Women and men from all walks of life owe their present life choice to their genetic heritage and to their learnings from women and men before.

I cannot recall the death of Frank Lloyd Wright ( Frank Lincoln Wright) and what celebrations of his life took place at that point. I do however recall the latter 2 people dying.

Steve Irwin, here in Australia was afforded a State memorial and consequently this was a national event. It was televised and featured tasteful understanding speeches and footage of his life’s work.
It showed how his enthusiasm was a driving force in the research of the natural world and without that vigor, major break-throughs would not have occurred. It was truly a moving service.

Colin Thiele’s death was not recognised in the same manner. By no fault of any, and understandably, State Funerals are not afforded to all. It is interesting to note that there must be a criteria to be met before one is afforded such an honour.

Steve Irwin and Frank Lloyd Wright deserve in death, the gratitude of many, including myself. It would be my wish that,if I were to be honoured for a state funeral, it would not be afforded on the basis of me jumping out of plane and free-falling to within an inch of my life. I would like my State funeral afforded on the basis of the number of others I have positively effected in my life.

So here is to 3 remarkable people. I fear I shall join you only in death as the possibility of my influencing others to the degree of yourselves, is remote.

Bristlehound 2014

3 thoughts on “So long Frank Lloyd Wright

    1. I once heard someone say that the world is a giant jig-saw and would be in-complete should any one piece be missing. Great advice that. We are lucky people when we are aware that we play a role in every part of the worlds function. Spring soon BB – we are heading into the most beautiful Autumn.B

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