It’s Oh So Quiet

In my peace-filled wanderings, I have found some beautiful places that fill my soul with happiness and contentment.
Recently I was meandering through a giant redwood forest, unlikely in Australia, but there you are. The size of these trees is heart pumping.
Someone in the 1930’s, decided that a plantation of these giants was a good idea and so here we are today, looking up into another world where parrots and other creatures play.
The silence is utterly deafening as you walk within the rows of giants. The bark which embraces the trees inner vulnerability, is thick and absorbs sound as if to feed on its weakness. There is a billabong nearby and the faintest sounds of water tinkerling over pebbles. It’s oh so quiet.
I begin to shut down in this atmosphere as if my world outside doesn’t exist.
The ground is carpeted with dense layers of bark and branches and there, in the middle of this green/brown embracement of silence, there lay a feather.
Stunningly purple, the feather looked alien and did not seem probable here at this almost monochrome home.
Yet there it was. I looked around to find its owner, expecting to see someone nearby wearing a scarf of similar hue, but realised that was not the case. Great, colourful parrots screeched above and broke the thudding silence.
Tiny branches were falling to the forest floor and hardly making a sound.
As peace was restored, so to was my state of meditation. I wanted to just drop to the ground and lay there.
As the moments passed I realised that this place and this peacefulness, is normal to those living things within. Maybe they don’t know that this is a silent place.
“It’s Oh So Quiet” the song from Bjork, kept playing in my brain and amusingly became louder and louder. As if to bring me back to my world so as to escape this sweetened trap of contentment. Time to return to the real world.
The time spent amongst these giant trees and the tiny waterholes, for me, is nourishment. I can go deep into their embrace and then when time is up, make my way back to reality. The freedom this ‘trip’ offers me is immense and, should I not be able to take this time out, it would be sad for me.

Bristlehound 2014


One thought on “It’s Oh So Quiet

  1. I often feel in awe of these living giants around us and these are just the normal large trees around us. i’ve never been anywhere near a giant redwood, nevermind a forest of them. i have no doubt i would find it a profound experience. Scotland is not known as a tree filled land, these days we have a lot of man made forests but here and there are patches of ancient forest. a number of great old scots pines were brough down in storms and was reported on here..
    until i saw the man in the picture for scale i didn’t realise the sheer enormity of those roots!

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