Just a flesh wound

I could not let this picture pass without laughing and recalling the Monty Python sketch showing the crazed knight wanting to fight on under gradually worsening circumstances.
“Come back and fight, I’ll rip your arms off”, was the call from a less than capable Mad Knight.
What belief, what heroics and what a classic case of ‘playing above oneself’ to use a sporting cliche.
But this picture and the Mad Knight show just how resilient we can be. Always looking forward to a brighter world. Knowing that this virus is just a passing cold and understanding that there is a future sunny day even though snow seems to be getting deeper and deeper.
Aplastic anemia is something of a Mad Knight moment for someone I love.
This is a blood disease that requires, usually, a bone marrow transplant from a family member for the subject to survive more than 5 years. But yet, tell my friend this and it would be water off a ducks back. He has survived 7 years to date and continues to defy all the odds even without a transplant.
Enduring pain and conditions that would make a ‘normal’ person wonder why this was happening to them, he continues to fight the fight of his actual life.
This medical marvel, continues to amaze doctors and family alike. So many times he has been written off but he wouldn’t know this because it’s not in his plan. He is about to undergo a further operation soon and, as with the many previous operations, it will be difficult. Speaking with him recently, he didn’t want the operation to interfere with his programme of sport that he had finals to play in. Unbelievable, here is an operation that could see him lose a leg or in fact worse and he wants to play his finals first. I guess priorities are important.
So back to the Mad Knight. I think there is a bit of the MK in all of us, at least that’s what I hope. If not then why do we get up after being knocked down?
I know this drives me. Having come from a small farm as a child, you soon realise that disasters are simply the next opportunity or job that you have to attend to so why not get on with it. There is always tomorrow and it can’t be as bad as this again. All of these cliches are a feast when confronted with a famine of easy conditions. They help when real help is not possible.
My friend faces real danger this time around and I wish him all of the luck possible. He will need any and all cliches he can muster to help him through,but being a classic Mad Knight, he will fight on leg or no leg and while there is breath there is hope.

Bristlehound 2014

8 thoughts on “Just a flesh wound

  1. “‘Tis but a scratch!” All the best of luck to your inspiring mk friend. I’m sure no one hast to remind your friend to look on the bright side of life with this incredibly amazing attitude. Sending the most positive vibes, all the best wishes, LC

    1. Thank you Linda Catherine. He is an amazing inspiration and though the next weeks will challenge him, I am convinced all will be well. Your comment is appreciated and I hope you are enjoying your writings, I know I do.B

  2. It is interesting and reassuring, if that’s the right word, to see the strongest people are often those facing the most challenging situations. Life forces our hand and makes us pull from great depths, that need to survive so great. I wish your friend all the best. He is lucky to have you as a friend.

    1. My thanks to you BB. It will be difficult and challenging for him but he is extraordinary and will see this off also. There is a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in – compliments to the great Leonard Cohen.B

  3. I love Monty Python, and I love the Mad Knight. But he was, of course, mad. Your friend seems wiser than the “experts,” knowing that he shouldn’t worry about predictions or the odds, but just keep living, and he’s doing that. Quite inspirational.

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