The Garden of Life

I recently used this poem as a reading at the wedding of a friend. I wrote the poem as a story of what I believe marriage to be. There is always something beautiful to find in the Garden of Life as there is in marriage.
The love of two people is like a compartment on a train travelling overnight to a destination far away.

The Garden of Life

When we seek replenishment there is a garden
A sublime retreat of eternal strength
A garden of wonder and beauty.

-There; there in the garden of life
are reds and yellows to cherish
-Warmth and peace beckon the ready
to pick the flowers that flourish
-A place that knows no harm
the garden of life is to nourish.

-There the most precious reside
memories of stories and time
-History makes a welcome companion
whilst wandering a path with no line
-The garden of life-a field of dreams
a place to go in the mind.

-Humility gives teachings in life
strength in knowing the way
-The garden of life holds the seeds
that love and hope convey
-By night the seeds prepare their giving
to blossom once more by day.

-Memories are the seeds of love
flowers the hopes and beliefs
-Souls come and go on this great journey
by choice by stealth by grief
-The garden of life blossoms eternal
Readied for the soft handed thief.

-Souls unite with emotion and love
shining together in light
-Some known well others not
passing as ships in the night
-Memories flower ready at will
there in the garden of life.

Bristlehound 2014

Happy travelling on your journey and always remember the garden will provide.


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