After spending a weekend with our friends at the beach, I am feeling a re-newed zest for reading of the totally obscure.
Unfortunately once again I am drawn back to Big Bang theories and the like.
Only this time there was a sign. Look closely at this picture and you may see
Perhaps the smallest spider to have ever walked its creepy eight legs on this earth.
IF THERE , were the words the spider decided to stand near. “If there”! Is that a question? Is it an answer?
Our beach friends are long time fun seekers and un-afraid to solve some of the big questions on life and the universe.
One of these folk, a Geologist ( practical, hard edged and not willing to suffer fools or alluvial knowledge champions, lightly) came up with a solution to my constant deliberations on the occurrence of the Big Bang.
I mentioned that I found it impossible to believe that the Big B came out of nothing. His response, simple, Nothing was actually everything and everything else was something. Perfect and easy to comprehend.
What a relief, you can imagine that having an answer to such a difficult issue was both liberating and dramatic.
Nothing was everything – This says that everything exists as nothing in its natural state.
Everything else is something – This says that anything other than nothing is something and as such is additional to nothing.

I actually cheered when I heard this explanation. For someone to come up with this theory on the theory of the Big Bang, is truly remarkable.

So this little spider may have inadvertently changed the thinking of so many by it’s random choice of venture into literature.
“If there” was the spider an alien from another galaxy with powers not yet considered by our present earthlings?
I think not. I think this grogan simply wandered onto the page and, as I was reading and after seeing it, set my mind to formulate a question askable of my friend the Geologist.

Nothing is everything and everything else is something. Brilliant.

Bristlehound 2014

4 thoughts on “IF THERE

    1. Thanks again for your comments Linda Catherine. Yes the notion is beautifully simple and it attracts me because of this. Living simply and enjoying simple pleasures, indicates a maturity of society and of individuals.B

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