New bRite is here

The long awaited new simplified sleek style device that is a must for the would be writer and fledgling artist, has finally arrived.

bRite is so advanced in its simplicity that it will suit all and any writing/artistic requirements and can be matched to many existing devices. Paper of any grade and colour, can be utilised and with the handy hand size of this device, it can be used as a mobile word processor.

bRite not only gives you a ticket to making your mark, but it has other uses that single it out as the leading device on the market. bRite serves as a writing tool, a colouring tool and spells for you as well.

Why not download the bRite toolbox App? You will find that the two main applications will give you the ultimate edge in your quest for professionalism and simplicity.

1. The very sharp – shrpnr
This not only looks sleek and colourful but is sure to give you that ultimate fine application that the true professionals enjoy. Just connect the bRite to the shrpnr and within seconds you will have that clarity and smoothness that will make your work a pleasure.
2. The must have – eRacer
The eRacer combines beautifully with the bRite and together with the shrpnr, make up the complete package.
eRacer is a built-in system that works with your bRite to ensure your work is clear and precise with no un-wanted markings or errors.

bRite is a device for the moment. Seldom has the world ever been given such an advanced product. Being portable and needing no battery, this is truly a device that will serve to advance society and give to people a tool that could only have been dreamed of in the 80’s.

bRite and Apps will be in stores now. Only reputable outlets carry this device and be sure to read instructions carefully before using. We have had some customers use this device for other applications, but we recommend that it be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturers intentions. We realise that the bRite does seem to provide for other uses but this is not recommended.

So buckle up for the ride of your life. If you want to write or draw you have to consider the bRite. Advanced,sleek,portable and at a price that will suit, makes bRite the must have for today.

Remember, once in a while something comes onto the market that will change the world and simplify the things we have been doing. This is now that time. bRite

bRite – the total story

Bristlehound 2014


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