When a House is a Home

For years now part of my work has been the overseeing of a professional Interior Design business.
During this time, so many trends in interiors have come and gone and nothing can be exempt from exploitation in this wonderful field. From the chic to the dowdy, there is a place for everything and everything in its place.
As people, we are all different and never so much as in our choice of interiors,hairstyles and clothing fashion. All play a part in defining the person we are or the person we seek to become.
One of the never changing factors of the interiors world, is the need for people to feel relaxed and at home in the choice they have made. Be it architecturally challenging or containment within a small quiet space.
With this static point, it has been an important part of our work to draw from our clients as much information as we can without intruding on their personal space, which of course we are.
In gaining a clients confidence, we have had to realise that anything you say has to be the truth. People, and I am one of them, can always detect when another is not authentic. Authenticity is the one greatest element in the structure of our business and I would go as far as to say that any successful operation has been built on, and continues because of, trust.
Some of the things we have become privy to, are things that traditionally only family members would normally hear. We are in a very privileged position and take this responsibility carefully.
Confiding in someone else is usually the preserve of someone of huge importance and that is fundamentally what we become for a brief time.
A great end piece of design relies upon openness and honesty.you can actually feel the results of an honest association in the final outcome.
Equally, when clients are bound by the many things that bring us down and/or we ourselves are strained, then the results speak loudly of a poor liaison.
Just the choice of colour can tell a lot about a families disposition and furniture says much of movement.
All in all, our chosen field is one that has given us opportunities that humble us. We have been given a gift from each of the clients we deal with and we are grateful for that.

Bristlehound 2014


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