Go North Young Man/woman

After a recent thumbnail survey of my relatives and friends, it became obvious that how one slept effected one’s happiness.

This sounds like the bleeding obvious and to a point it is, but when the perimeters of the survey are known, things become interesting.

You see all of my happiest (self-proclaimed happy) friends and relatives, seem to believe that because their bed faces due north this gives them an edge.

They say, to a person, that having the sun rising on one side of the bed and setting on the other and all the while viewing the north, makes them happy.
There seems to be a bit of that ‘face the elephant’ theory involved here. Alas, I was merely the collector of this information and it is not for me to judge.

There appears to be quite a lot of this survey business going on. It would not be the average week were I not to be asked to return a survey of some kind on a product or political party, so I thought I would get into the game.

There are other important things to find out from the public, workers and shoppers so that we can be categorised into a relevant demographic for future targeting, so I hope this important survey kicks off, so to speak.

Other world standard setting questions to answer include:
1. Do you drink beer from a bottle or glass (assuming you drink)

2. Do ants cause rain

3. Are there any days left on the Callander for a Don’t fill out Survey day.

4. Are you a scruncher or a folder (scruncher as it happens)

5. Is the Big Bang Theory ever going to be a fact.

These are big questions and need attention but for now my own survey on which way one sleeps and does that mean they are happier, is far more pressing.

Bristlehound 2014


One thought on “Go North Young Man/woman

  1. My bed does point north. I consider myself happy. I don’t always sleep well. Get up too early. Interesting post. I would do more surveys if they were short and given by interesting people like yourself.

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