The Hole Is Greater Than The Sum


I was taken by this great sculpture. It indicates so much about how our lives rely upon the holes in them. Without the holes the sculpture would not survive.

This also suggests the three most influential people in my life. Whilst it is difficult to say that only three people have influenced me, it is appropriate.

I am an independent person and not necessarily needy. So to make a call on even three influential people is a challenge. This sounds totally pompous and I understand that, but I believe that while you can do something yourself, you should do it. It is a life choice that makes me feel strong and capable.

Knowing that independence is so valuable, it is difficult at times to deal with some things that require being a team player. For me, meetings are the devils work and serve no purpose other than to delay decision making. My partner always makes the point that I would make a terrible communist given my inability to run the show.

Having empathy is a large part of building independence. Walking a mile in another persons shoes gives great insight into how life can play out and offers a choice if understood.

The three most influential people in my life are quite easy. My mother is a brilliant person. She is from a large family and has had to deal with the loss of her husband in a car accident and raising 6 children alone. She has lived with nothing and feels that she is the happiest, most fortunate person to have ever lived. Un-believable as it sounds, she turned a horrid situation into a great asset and consequently has generated a confidence in her children.

My partner has given me the freedom of mind to develop the beautiful things I come about in life and create a wonderful life style of happiness and care. Having a partner who is stable and confident in most situations is a huge asset in maintaining my own happy disposition.

The third most influential person in my life is at least 100 fold. It is impossible to call just one person The most influential but there is a common denominator.
Each if these 100 fold people has a quality. That quality is humour and care. Being able to see the light in all things is of immense importance and equally, understanding that all things have a hole and a crack gives understanding. All of my most influential people have the quality of humility and I regard this as a quality I aspire to daily.

The negative space of the hole in these sculptures looks quite creative, but the overall message suggests that if we focus on the hole and look carefully, we can see a new, other world beyond.

Bristlehound 2014

7 thoughts on “The Hole Is Greater Than The Sum

      1. Notice how Belafonte puts emphasis on the h o l e
        The circularity of the song makes is so memorable. In the end it’s also about the important space between things …
        You must let us know soon about the book on ‘Nothing.’
        Can’t get it here.

      2. Yes, a hole, now I completely get it. Nice.
        For years I have delighted in the Big Bang Theory. The greatest brains of the world had come up with a theory that suggested the beginnings of the universe and all things as we know them, but forgot to explain what exactly this Big Bang happened in. The bang must have happened according to all data and it is suggested that before the bang there was nothing. My question has always been, if the Big Bang happened it must have happened in nothing. If this is also true then nothing must be something because there was a bang in it.
        Great dinner time fun.
        Try If you have no luck there Profile Books Ltd. 3A Exmouth House Pine st. Exmouth Market London.

        If all else fails just accept that 42 is the answer to everything and move on. I’d better start reading something of Nothing now.

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