Stan’s The Man


When I am not contemplating my navel and solving the big questions of the world, I really love participating in sport. As an active Royal Tennis player and former basketball,badminton, cricket and football player, I take great interest in many types of sport.

Not able to help myself, I can’t resist taking more interest in crowds and their motions whilst watching a sporting activity.

Last night my partner and I were at the tennis match
that saw Novak Djokovic defeated by Stan Wawrinka. It took 4hours exactly to complete and was a delight to watch.

My interest however was moving from the game to the crowd, to the ball kids, the umpire and back again. Fascinating.

Novak,whilst well liked in Australia, was certainly not the favoured son. The support was strongly for the underdog Stan. Novak was applauded soundly for his magnificent play, his fairness and his professionalism but Stan was the man.

What is remarkable here is that Stan may well be the demon as he comes up against Thomas Bertitch, a player of great talent but one short on major wins.

The voice of the crowd was very loud and filled with expert comment. 10 thousand expert commentators each one offering something different.

Sport acts as a religion in the way it draws people together and steers them toward a common belief and hope. The spirit in the stadium was great and as up-lifting as any event I have attended.

In all of this I happened to look at the sponsors names splashed about and found that Kia, one of the major sponsors, had a logo with the “A” not crossed. How annoying it was to think that after attending this church of sorts, for about 10 years, I only this night saw that KIA had an un-crossed A.

Life really is fascinating.

Bristlehound 2014

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