Travel Bug Spotted


Yes it’s true. The travel bug has been located in Melbourne out shopping for shoes.

We have travellers from all points of the globe here presently. The tennis is a terrific draw card and Melbourne is a magic place to hold it.

Saw Rapha in the lobby of our hotel a couple of days ago. Passed a multitude of other players in the street and off to see the “Joker” tomorrow night.

During the grip of Tennis fever, we had the longest heat wave in the history of the world @ above 40 degrees Celsius each day for four days. The pavements melted, lifts ceased to lift and birds dropped out of the leaf dropping trees.

We were all on edge with the heat because the fires that menace Australia were doing their level best to get a hold. Thankfully to date, we have escaped some of the devastation that was imminent. We are truly the lucky country when we can say that in all of that heat, we came out the other side without loss.

Some people did however lose their homes and in some cases tragically, their lives. We have farming friends throughout Victoria and they were all on edge. How can anyone imagine that you can go to bed at night in the knowledge that tomorrow, in all likely hood you will lose your home as the wind changes an brings the fire front your way.

The reality of fires is evident when you consider that in the last big heat wave, 175 people in Victoria alone, lost their life. So many families were burnt out and many more people physically and / or mentally scarred by the fires.

And life goes on. Australia has an extraordinary ability as a country, get up and get on with things.
So, as is the way, the Tennis becomes the new focus and as that finishes the football starts. Some very odd numbers are also quite interested in the arts and the more beautiful things in life such as music and poetry.

I hope to see the travel bug once more as it is a beautiful creature that brings such delight to the country. It is showy and seemingly shines more brightly than other bugs, but I personally love it and look forward to its annual pilgrimage Downunder.

Bristlehound 2014

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