Bug Eats Mountain


Time provides a stage for all things to alter.

I recently came across something known as the “Pitch Drop” and the fact that there is a keeper of the “Pitch Drop”. Not content with this fact it seems that 2014 could be the year of the “Pitch Drop”.

A serious experiment has been on-going from the 1950’s, checking out the movement of such things as the continental shelf based on how often pitch drops from a glass funnel. I think.

Now as a scientist my prowess is equal to a drop of water in the Atlantic Ocean, so explaining this experiment is not what interests me. What interests me is the pitch changing its form from a substance as hard as concrete and forming a heavy drip like slow moving honey, then dropping this drip every 7-10 years. Wow!

The experiment here would now doubt excite those with a bent towards such things, but for me the fact that over time all things can change and become something more suitable to present surrounds, is the real delight.

It proves to me that adapting as we do is not just a talent of the few but a natural process. Time, the great healer, provides for repair and adaption.

Though I may never be capable of understanding this experiment nor conveying its process to others, I am however delighted by it. It tickles me and just thinking of the possibilities of are wonderful.

Being slightly obsessive concerning the alignment of items and balancing all things visual, I am looking forward to returning to my car once perfectly parked, to see that it has moved fractionally upon return from a weeks travel.

So to the keeper of the “Pitch” I say, may the force be with you and I hope you are present when the pitch drops sometime this decade.

Bristlehound 2014

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