Hello Possums


Dame Edna Everage seems to have taken retirement away from the hustle and bustle of Moonee Ponds.

What a great character Edna was/is. She and Barry are dear to so many Down-underpants having won our hearts with their simple way of exposing the Australian culture.

The world is a very serious place and one day Australia will realise that and stop being friendly and laughing at themselves and others.

I guess our Lucky Country tag is well earned given we have little conflict with other nations and share in world trade to the extent we do. We have a wealth of natural resources and enjoy a brilliant climate. Our health schemes are strong and generally our politics is stable. So why would we change?

Australia is a young nation relative to other states. The British, bless them, after discovering Australia, decided to fill the country with criminals and petty offenders. What could go wrong? Well indeed what could go wrong. For all intents and purposes the plan worked. The stability of today may well be testament to that.

The imported gentry were gradually dis-lodged by the common Aussie and the country never looked back.

That is until Bazza McKenzie exposed us as unique characters in his movie “The adventures of Barry McKenzie”. Then Hoges as Crocodile Dundee shed a little more light on our nations irreverent ways.

As the world began to see Australia being the interesting and at times weird country it was, only then did we as Aussies (Ossies for our US friends), begin to understand that we are a world player. It was time to get involved.

We had played our, not small, part in the wars of the world and to our great credit equipped ourselves well for a small nation. Indeed the rolls played by Australia are seen as essential in the overall sense.
The involvement was not at the military level but was at the political and social welfare level. As a developed nation, we needed to show not only our own citizens but the world, that we understood and could assist in world affairs.

With our involvement at the obvious levels of today, we have taken on a whole new sense of maturity as well. As part of of national development, we now overtly consider so many issues that in the past, were dealt with at a more closeted level. The internet and international travel have each been contributors to this. We have begun our parenthood stage if you like.

Now that we are all grown up and run our own affairs, dress as we see fit, go out with whom-ever we like and deal with the consequences of over indulging; Australia holds it’s head high.

It would be a shame to lose the humour and larrikin ways of the early Australia simply to show how mature we really are. The world as a whole needs characters, people and countries to reduce the stress of the sometimes hopeless situations that are.

If Australia lets go of the easy-going style it has developed, for no real good reason it will become just another franchise of an ever-serious world. Humour and fun have been the hallmarks of many countries. Harsh times require methods by which we can cope and humour has assisted in getting through those difficult times. By humour this doesn’t mean laughing at the homeless or scoffing at a local robbery or indeed considering the taking of life as being some kind of sport. It is higher than that. It is a natural resource of our own that needs to be respected and developed.

With so many problems in today’s world we think we are unique. We are not. In years gone by people living to 35 was common. Going without food and water was common and killing was rife. These are genuine problems of today and need to be addressed and dealt with as best we can. We should never laugh at these situations, that hurts people. But we can re-discover our sense of fun and humour to help us through and put us in a positive mind-set to deal with some of the big, and little, problems of today.

Did you hear the one about the horse coming into the bar?

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